Makeover time!

Happy Wednesday! Hope your day started off the right way and that you aren’t downing coffee and redbull like I am trying to get through all this work, eeeeek! On a nicer note, I had the pleasure of enjoying a bit of a makeover a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to share this with all of you. I am naturally a brunette, but I’ve been blonde for about a year and a half. It’s not that hard to maintain, but it does take more effort than I’ve been used to.

Michelle (the sexy redhead) goes to Carlton Hair in Constantia Village, and a few of the hairdressers there are doing their Davines Master Colour Series course. They had various tasks, but one of them (the one that I was involved with) was making the perfect ‘natural’ blonde. They were looking for someone who was a ‘bad’ blonde, and I went to meet them at Carlton. When I say bad blonde, I mean, I’m not a natural perfect blonde, I had really bad roots at the time and it wasn’t looking amazing. I went to meet Carey on a Tuesday after work, she took a few photos and said I was perfect for the task. The only problem was that I had highlights booked for that Saturday, so she told me to cancel them – eeeeeek, more time with bad roots! That was it, I was going to be Carey‘s hair model – eeeeeeeeek!

A week later, I went into Carlton for a cut and a treatment. Before this happened, she took some rather shocking photos of my hair, and I couldnt believe how bad it looked at the bottom at the back (because I obviously don’t look at the back of my hair regularly eeeeeee). Look at these shocking photos:


EEEEE – I couldn’t even believe that this was my hair! Especially the super orange bits at the back at the bottom in the next photo, I had a little panic attack. The thing is, you can’t really see this from the front or when my hair is loose, but STILL.


Ok, so that looked pretty bad. My hair definitely needed a cut and a bit of TLC before aaaaaany colour got anywhere near it! Thankfully, Carey had my back, and I got an awesome treatment and a hair cut. Check out this before and after:


See – the orange stuff of nightmares that is hiding at the back of my head isn’t even visible in these photos (thank god).

A few days after this lovely treatment, I took the afternoon off work to meet Carey at the Carlton Training Centre in Claremont. Thank goodness she had warned me about how long the whole makeover would take, and I had a book with me because I was there for about SEVEN HOURS. Yes, you read that right. She did an absolutely amazing job, I lost track of all of the higlights, colour tints and toning that was going on. I think my hair was washed about seven times. I was in a room full of other ‘bad’ blondes and all of the hairdressers were running around, trying to do their best for their colour course. I have to admit, I have a new found respect for hair colourists – this shit is hard work!

The task at hand for Carey was to create a perfect natural blonde, and from all the comments I’ve been getting since my little ‘makeover’ she definitely did an amazing job.

after1 after2

The bottom of my hair (which was scary orange) is now slightly darker than the rest of my hair (which looks waaaaaaay more natural) and my roots are nonexistant. HUUUUGE thanks to Carey, you did an incredible job.

Love, blonde hair and makeovers for daaaaaaaaaaays.


All of the photos in this post are from Carey Partridge’s Facebook page. The before and after photo can be found on my Instagram



  1. […] I recently got a bit of a hair make over thanks to Carey from Carlton Hair. I was VERY happy with the outcome, and stoked to be part of her project: “the perfect blonde”. You can read the full story on Smudged Beauty. […]

  2. Laura Barnes · · Reply

    Just read this jess! I have serious hair envy now!!

    1. it was a long process – but totally worth it :)

  3. You look AMAAAZING! xxx

    1. thaaank you <3

  4. Reblogged this on trop d'amour and commented:

    I shared my hair makeover story on Smudged today! check it out :)

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