Goodbye Joanie

Today’s post will be reflecting on the great Joan Rivers, a lady that knew a lot about laughs and a lot about fashion.

Joan Rivers Portrait

She was an outstanding comedienne, watching her 81 year old self year after year on Fashion Police without slowing down was truly something to admire. In her 80th decade on this planet she still had a relevant, thriving career. I find this accomplishment inspirational for so many reasons. She showed me every Saturday night that a woman can be as hard working, successful and most importantly – funny as she wants to at any age in her life. I’ve learnt so much about fashion because of her, I’ve also learnt that one should never lose the ability to laugh at one’s self, it is the greatest test of character. Her acid tongue and quick wit were not characteristics to be admired for a woman and I loved her even more for it. And she is probably the only 81 year old woman to leave this earth without a frown line in sight! Love ya Joanie.






I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking.”


Your Joan Rangers,





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