NYX Brow Shaper Review

Hi Peeps,

I got my hands on a product I’ve been trying to buy for at least 2 months – the NYX Brow Shaper. What is it you say? It’s a wax pencil and apparently a very in demand one since it’s always sold out at Clicks Stores. I’ve been using it everyday for 7 days now and this is what I have to say… NYX-eyebrow-shaper-packaging NYX-eyebrow-shaper Claims

NYX says “Tame unruly eyebrows with this ingenious wax pencil. The blend of waxes is enriched with Vitamin E and leaves arches in tip-top condition and impeccable shape, with just a few strokes”. Impeccable shape is quite a promise.

Packaging 6.5/10

What I like most about this product is how convenient it is to transport in your bag. But then again the lid could easily get lost, which would suck and make you not want to put it in your handbag. I like the thickness of the pen itself, very similar to a NXY Jumbo Pencil. I have yet to sharpen it but it doesn’t look like it will be a problem.

Pigmentation 7/10

Well since it is a clear product I will talk about the texture of the wax. To be honest I expected something more tacking feeling. The pencil very easily glides over my brows and doesn’t get stuck on the hairs. The texture of your brows are not sticky at all, but I do wish it were thicker and less greasy as my brows don’t stick to my head like I hoped it would.

Longevity  6 /10

I do wish this would last all day long. When I get home after an 8 hour day I find about 20% of the product left. If I touched up in a bathroom once through out the day I wouldn’t be as disappointed but I don’t because I am too busy for that! I do like however that my brow powder sticks to the wax so it last much longer than if I used no product.

Application   8/10

Easy enough to use. I really like that it comes in a pencil form. Although I think wax potted into tins would be more tacky this is more convenient and less messy than sticking my finger into wax and onto my brows.

Overall   6/10

I’m giving this product a 6 out of 10 because when I use it I always find hairs on the nib of the pencil. I don’t think it’s because it’s pulling out my hairs with force, but more because I don’t brush my hairs per say and remove lose hairs. But I will stop using it if my brows are looking any more sparse. I also wish it was cheaper for what you get.


Top: No wax Middle: Wax Bottom: Wax and brow shadow

The NYX Brow Shaper does exactly what it’s supposed to do which is great, but I just wish it was a little bit more stronger if that even makes sense. People raved about it on the interwebs and I don’t think it’s quite worth the hype and the R134.99.

Peace out,




  1. I’ve got it too and had the same issue with hairs on the pencil! I didn’t mind it, but I’ve found it makes me brows look a little too slick and waxy! Great review :)

    1. Yeah I do get that greasy feeling too, a brow gel is way more natural looking! Thanks for the love :)

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