What’s in my bag

Hello lovelies!

I’m in Joburg for the week visiting some (very missed) friends! When I was packing I thought I’d better clean out my handbag, and may as well do a ‘what’s in my bag’ post. I left out the old crumpled till slips but left everything else in for your voyeuristic pleasure.

Disclaimer: I would just like to say that I had no idea I was carrying this much crap around with me every day, and I have now downsized!


All-purpose salve
Beth bought me the Lucas Papaw Ointment from Australia, and I keep it on me for dry lips, insect bites, cuticle cream, etc. It’s an amazing product that does it all.

This is my number one product to keep on me at all times…but I’m still pretty sure I don’t need four versions in my bag at one time. Oops! The ones I have with me are all firm favourites: NUXE Reve de Miel (the best lipbalm on earth), LUSH Honey Trap, The Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment and Simply Bee lipbalm.

Hand cream
Because dry hands are just annoying. I have The Body Shop Rose hand cream, which smells amazing but isn’t the most moisturising I’ve tried.

Flash drive
Because you never know when someone will have a new episode of Game of Thrones for you.

OK this is just ridiculous. How did I end up carrying around FOURTEEN lipsticks and glosses? Nobody needs that much choice. In future I will be carrying one of each colour, a nude, pink, red, purple and coral. Baby steps! BUT if I had to choose just one it would be my beloved Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon, because I wear it almost every single day.


Kimye’s reaction to me carrying around 14 lipsticks every day

Mine protect my eyes and channel Lana del Rey, what more could I ask for.

I can spend exactly 30 seconds in the sun without burning, so this is very necessary.

Bizarrely enough I actually bought this to light scented candles. Rock ‘n roll.

Blotting papers
Because shine is my worst. These ones from Catrice are pretty good.

You never know when Ryan Gosling may be up for a snog. (The answer is never, but gum is still a good handbag staple)

I refuse to grin and bear headaches. Drug me up!

Fold up hairbrush/mirror thingy
I have a weird amount of love for this. They’re like under R20 at Dischem and are so useful. But get the fold-up one so that the brush doesn’t get full of handbag debris.

Hairtie and clip
Because dur.

I’m a designer and need to be able to write down any flashes of genius that I may come across. But mainly I use this to write shopping lists on the back of old till slips.

Hand sanitiser
Keep it clean yo.

Perfume sample
I’m trying to use up all my perfume samples I’ve collected over the years. At the moment I have Marc Jacobs Daisy in my bag, which smells beautifully fresh and floral at the same time.

Did I mention I hate being shiny? I really really do. Loving Catrice’s dupe for the MAC Prep and Prime powder.
Am I missing anything? I think I need to add more real-world items like plasters and take out 13 lipsticks. What do you think?





  1. I enjoyed this post! I always carry a lipliner as well and a seperate small zip pouch with a sealed toothpick, one elastoplast, a safety pin, a teeny tiny screwdriver, and a very small swiss knife that has scissors etc. You never know when you need to McGuyver something!

  2. […] spend it. After many a swatch, I decided to go for two new lippies (no surprises there, I’m a lipstick addict). I love them both so much I had to show them off! Behold the […]

  3. haha! I love lip products too! I used to have a ton of lip products in my bag before I cleaned it out.

    1. I love them too – but couldnt believe Mich had that many!

  4. Lolsies, I thought your flashdrive was a rape whistle!

  5. 14… Oh my… I had 3 in my bag, and I thought that made me a wild woman! :D

  6. so many lipsticks, I’m not even angry – I’m impressed!

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