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My post today is going to be focused solely on MAC and the wondrous things that can come out of those stylish black stores. It is an exceptionally overwhelming place and to be perfectly honest, some of those MAC girls (and boys) can be invasive, unhelpful and sometimes downright condescending. That’s why I prefer to enter a MAC knowing what I’m looking for first, but this is often an overwhelming task as MAC is a candy store and I want every… single… item. So, to make a MAC shopping trip a little less daunting, I’ve come up with a few things that I think are worth investigating and a few things that aren’t.


While SA is still lacking in the medium/high end range of make-up brands, we have the luxury ones. This is pretty lame for people who don’t want drugstore quality and don’t want to splash out on R500+ foundations. MAC has a ginormous range of foundations that fit in between these price points and are even better in quality than what the luxury brands have to offer. They also have the very best selection of colour, an absolute must in SA, and have products for pretty much every skin requirement.



These little bastards keep going up in price which is a shame because although they are worth it, my wallet does not think so! The pigmentation, the longevity, and the colour selection – oh the colour selection! Really they are fantastic and drugstore shadows aren’t really worth the price in my opinion. They come in 4 finishes – (L) for Lustre, (A) for Amplified Cremes, (M) for Matte, and (S) for Satin. You really can’t go wrong with these!


MAC Mineralize Range:

This range is particularly good because all the powders are baked and the liquids are designed to give a natural finish. The quality of the Mineralize range is particularly good with every product I’ve tried so far and like I said before, this natural looking range is really very good.



A+! I don’t think there’s anything more exciting to use from MAC than one of their lipsticks. They are delicious in every way! All finishes: Satin, Matte, Lustre, Glaze, Frost, Cremesheen and Amplified have that yummy MAC vanilla cupcake sent to them. Drugstore lippies can cost almost as much as a MAC one so I recommend investing in a universally flattering colour and then experimenting with colours with other brands.


MAC 217 Blending Brush:

Ok, don’t even bother admiring any other MAC brush if you’re looking for the best of the best. This brush is famous for a reason. It has totally changed the way my make-up looks and I love love love it to pieces! If I lost all my make-up brushes (touch wood), this would be the first one I would replace. It blends like no other, it packs on pigment and it is the perfect size for almost any eye application.


Paints and Paint Pots:

These are cream eyeshadows which mean they are going to last on your lids until you take the product off. I think if you’re needing some neutral eye shadow bases or primers because you have oily lids or because you want to colour correct your lids, MAC has a great offering. I think these products often get passed up but they are there people and they do a damn good job!


Things that aren’t worth your money at MAC:

1) Mascaras – I haven’t seen anyone go gaga over a MAC mascara, in fact I’ve read some average/awful reviews. I also think a brilliant mascara can be found at the drugstore. Maybelline blows the cosmetic world out of the competition wuth it’s range and quality of well priced mascaras.

2) Bronzers – although I have yet to try a MAC bronzer, the makeup world doesn’t really seem to make a fuss about MAC’s selection. Again, there are fabulous ones in the drugstore waiting to be discovered.

3) Lip liners/pencils/glosses – Although I did mention lipsticks, one can save on buying a great lip liner/pencil at a drugstore. I have an amazing lip liner from NYX that is practically the same product as a MAC one, and I can say this as I have both. Have heard bad things about their glosses too.

4) Nailpolish – nope. Just no.


Hope this helps anyone next time they get cornered by a MAC shop girl!





  1. Love MAC, and I totally agree with the don´t-buy-mascara-at-mac fact. Wouldn´t recommend it either. :)

  2. Thanks for this blog! So excited to see a blog on MAC. I absolutely love MAC :)

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