Favourites of the Month!


It’s been a month full of purchases from the drugstore, so here are a couple of products I’ve been loving for the month of September:


NXY Jumbo Pencil in Milk:

I had been looking to purchase this little guy for a while and managed to find the only one left at the V&A Waterfront! Lucky me! It’s basically a large white crayon for the eyes but I bought it specifically for the eyelids as a base/primer. Often when I use metallic/shimmer shadows they lack a little bit of lustre because my eyelids are so deep-set my brow bone casts a shadow over my lid. Packing colour onto a lid that is already white helps to turn up the vibrancy of the shadow. Really impressed with the formulation of this pencil, it’s a great buy. :)

LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealer in Creamy Beige:

Okay so I only bought this because every YTer and their mom is raving about these concealers. They’re known to be affordable, long wearing and don’t crease. And all of this is true! I’m very happy with what LA Girl makes and very appreciative of Dischem for stocking their stuff! I got the shade creamy beige and it’s orange-based for around the eye area to lighten dark circles. I wouldn’t mind a lighter shade but this was the only shade left and the lightest on the shelf so I got it on a whim. It really is an excellent dupe for MAC Pro Long Wear concealer and at a fraction of the price!

Max Factor Lip Pencil in Pink Petal:

I decided I wanted to started overdrawing my lips, for shits and giggles you know, so I had a hunt for a nice drugstore lip liner. Max Factor I feel is a very underrated brand and so I wasn’t surprised to find I really like this product. It has a nice consistency, not too matte but it may dry out any dead skin on your lips so make sure your lips are prepped beforehand. The colour is a pink nude and not a brown nude so it pairs up well with most of my nude lipsticks.

EcoTools Full Eye Shadow Brush:

I think this was my very first EcoTools buy, so although it isn’t new, I’ve rediscovered it and am in love all over again! With make-up brushes I find that you purchase a brush not fully understanding the dexterity of it, so I lost interest in this one because I found others that were better suited for what I was trying to achieve with this one. Now however, I really love to wash my entire eye (lid, crease, brow bone) with a matte skin-colour shadow and this brush is the perfect size to apply a generous amount of shadow in little time without having to be very technical.

Have a great rest of your week guys!




  1. Love the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil ❤ Great post!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s an amazing product – yay for NYX :D

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