Black Cats- They’re On My Nails.

I’ve been quite shite with this blogging business lately and I must apologise. Here it is:

Soz y’all. Frndz? <3

Your cue: It’s toooo laaatttteeeee!/ Throwback to 2006 Grey’s Anatomy

Since it’s nearing Old Hallow’s Eve (a fancy way of saying Halloween) we’re kicking off with this black cat nail tutorial which I am very very fond of.


Gather your tools: I used a Revlon nail polish which we’ve used a million times on this here blog, Blackest Black R92,95; Essence White from their manicure kit (I couldn’t find the price online unfortunately but I know the entire kit was under R40), Essence Colour to Go in 146 that’s what I call mint! R22,95; Sally Hansen No Chip Top Coat (gives Seche Vite a run for their money) all available at Dischem. I also grabbed some tooth picks to make the whole nail art process easier.


Numero Uno: I started off by painting half moons on the ends of my nails. This will be the kitty’s head. They don’t have to be perfect but should be roughly the same shape. If you’d like a background colour go and apply that before you paint the black half moon shape. Allow it to dry for around 30 seconds and then apply a second coat.


I dispensed a bit of polish onto the back of wax proof paper as a mini palette and used a tooth pick to paint two little triangle ears on each cat. At this stage we were all dying to see the finished results because CATS! Shout out to Atari-kitty, she’s the best cat and I love her, my first fur baby.


As with the ears, dispense a bit of white onto the wax paper and draw eyes on the cat. Eventually I realized instead of making an almond shape you can draw a little line if your dexterity is a tad off. At this stage, Beth suggested I used a bit of yellow and I gave one cat yellow eyes- he’s the naughty cat. Yeah, lets go with that. I used NYX Matte Yellow for the yellow eyes. I imagine green would also look pretty good and more Halloween-esque.


Finally I added irises by drawing straight lines with the blue and allowing it to dry for a minute before I topped it off with the top coat.

I hope you enjoy this and just so you know, we’ve got some really cool things coming up over the next bit since we all love a good dress up costume. I’ll leave you to have Monster Mash in your head all day which is also in my favourite scene on Freaks and Geeks.

Have a great Monday and if you decide to do any of the tutorials we have coming up please please please use #smudgedhalloween so we can check it out on Instagram and Twitter :)

Love, Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, Sam the Worried Cat, Lil Bub, and all the internet famous cats,




  1. I don’t like cats, but this is really cool! Great job, I can barely paint my nails lol

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