How I fill in my brows

Hey peeps,

Since we’re banging out a lot of tutorials on the blog at the moment, here’s one I recently did on my brows. Some days my brow game is strong, others it is lacking. This tut is far from a decent game, but I thought I’d talk you through my brow products and why I like and continue to use them. Just a little FYI, my tails on my brows are naturally short, I do not over pluck, although if I did – booyah, it’s my face and I’ll do what I want.


I just love the creativity.



Step 1:

Don’t know why, but the colour on all these photos look very warm. In reality I have very ashy/cool-toned brows. Basically the colour of my roots. I start by running a spoolie through them so that the hairs are lying as flat against my face as possible. This helps to make them appear fuller and create the shape from which I fill them in. This step is important, don’t underestimate it. As you can see I have eyebrows that run in two different directions. Up and straight across.


Step 2:

I grab my brow pencil (MAC fling – holy grail brow product for blondes) and full in the sparse hairs. I usually start under the inner corners and then full in the tails. On one brow I have to raise the arch higher than the other but I never full in the middle part of the brow. When I say fill in my brows, I really only apply tiny strokes to the areas that show more flesh. I definitely do not fill everything in as if they are on a page of a colour book. Not that that doesn’t suit people, it does for a lot, I just find for me it’s a little too intense, especially for most blondes as our hairs are fair and are supposed to look somewhat invisible.


Step 3:

I tried to show the process of brushing the hair upwards and outwards away from the face in this pic. I have recently started using a tinted brow gel (MAC empathetically blonde) to set the hair in place – review to come next month. Previously I have been using a clear gel for years and although it works really well, having a tint to the gel makes your bows appear that much fuller in colour and volume without having to over draw or fill in completely. Setting the brows to the shape I want is a vital step for me. If they aren’t set, the hairs move downwards and fall somewhat out of the shape I have filled everything in to. It’s kind of like a game of dot to dots.


Step 4:

Alrighty. Final step is to carve out the brow. This means taking a little bit of concealer on a flat toped eye shadow brush (any flat/small brush really) and follow the line underneath the brows. This step I find to be the most enhancing of all steps to the brow shape. As you can see I am not lifting my forehead but have managed to create an arch and shape that I am not born with. Alas, see Jodi for brow fantasy reference. This trick is also most effective when I can’t get my tails to taper into a thin point. Concealer on a brush can do that brilliantly. And as a final touch I sometimes run MAC charcoal brown only from where the arch starts to descend. Having a gradating colour brow is all the rage at the moment and very dragesque. So by default I love it. It also helps to make my extremely close set eyes seem less inbred.


Have a happy hump day!





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  1. Hi Beth.I was literally tweezing my eyebrows this morning in traffic on the way to work and moaning to myself about them. Then as soon as I got to work, I saw an email about about a blog on eyebrows! Perfect timing! :) I wanted to ask you, I fill my eyebrows in with an eye pencil. Is it worth getting a proper eyebrow pencil? Is there really a difference? I’ve never bought an eyebrow pencil before :) Have a lovely day xx

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