Pinterest Hack: The Grossest & Coolest Thing To Date

Only a week to go until Halloween! Mwahahahhaa!

Whilst doing my daily Pinterest perusal I noticed a lot of DIY latex popping up in my feed. Now I am thrifty, yes, and I do enjoy a good DIY but this one really spoke to me in many ways. Mostly because I like messing. I also like it when fake shit makes something that’s normally beautiful really ugly. Cos I is a freak.

The recipe I’ve tried is taken from here but there was no particular reason that I didn’t try the others except that Michelle and I have a house where it’s not uncommon to hear: “Do we have tapioca flour?” “Why of course we do!” How handy.


What you’ll need: Tapioca flour. You can find this in Dischem, Wellness and Pick n Pay. It’s around R20 at Pick n Pay. Half a glass of water. Foundation, concealor or BB cream that you don’t feel too sad about using a big blob in.


Step 1: Boil some water but save a bit of water to dilute 1/3 cup of tapioca in. Turn the heat off once the water is boiled and pour in the tapioca/water mixture and remove from the warm plate.

Step 2: Stir immediately. The more you stir the easier it is to squash out any lumps on the side of the pot.


Step 3: Squeeze out a liberal amount of foundation/BB Cream/Concealer. I used the Topshop BB Cream because it doesn’t hurt my heart to use up price-wise. Mix that shiz in. At this stage Beth was a bit disturbed at how much I enjoyed seeing it look like a lump of flesh in the pot. I dug it.

Step 4: Apply to skin with a palette knife or spoon. Because the tapioca is sticky as fuck, you don’t need any kind of adhesive. This doesn’t really dry so you can mould the shape as much as you want as often as you want.


I didn’t have any fake blood and used a combination of eyeshadows, liners and lipstick to make it look more wound-y. Instagram did the rest.


Again, try not to touch it with your hands. It is a fun squishiness though and it creeped Beth and Michelle out but the cool factor outranked that.

Happy Friday ghouls

Love and fake skin,



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