Fortune Teller Halloween Make-up

Hello Halloweenies,

It’s the final week before Halloween this Friday, so here’s one more tutorial from me before the week is up. I found this utterly gorgeous video from Napoleon Perdis make-up and thought it was fantastic for those wanting to rock the berry/vamp lip trend, but are needing that excuse of a dress-up costume to brave it . Oh and if you are also wanting to look somewhat sexy and mysterious too.


Products Used: Stila in the Garden palette, Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation, MAC carbon, NARS orgasm, Laura Mercier MOD, Bourjois Bronzing Powder, Dolly Wink Liquid Liner, MAC nightmoth, Maybelline Colossal mascara, falsies, LA Girl Pro Concealer creamy beige, MAC fling, Almay Intense i-colour midnight, MAC camal coat, Revlon Photoready Kajal carbon cleopatra.


Step 1:

Base and contouring come first. I used Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation and LA Girl Pro Concealer creamy beige for my base and my Bourjois Bronzing Powder for contouring. I also used my MAC camel coat to prime my lids and under my eyes, this helps to intensify any colour that I place on top. I also filled in my brows with MAC fling.


Step 2: 

I took the colour rosette from the Stila in the Garden palette and blended out the shadow all around my outer v area on my eye. It’s okay to be messy with this as the look is supposed to be very smoked out. Go bos!


Step 3:

I then took my Revlon kajal liner and lined my waterline as well as filling in the space on my lids that was still bare. The kajal acts as a base that will help the black shadow adhere to. I also added some MAC carbon to my crease which darkens the rosette colour without having to find a deeper shade of plum.


Step 4:

I applied MAC carbon to the lid area, on top of the kajal liner as well as the colour breeze from the same palette to my inner eye corners. I also coated my lashed with a combination of Maybelline Colossal and the Almay i-colour mascaras to build volume. This look requires coats and coats of mascara. It was fun! I also applied some lengthening falsies and they make all the difference.


Step 5:

I completed the look with some wine red lips. It was a combination of my Laura Mercier matte lipstick in MOD and my MAC nightmoth lip pencil. The colour is a fair bit darker in reality and more berry-toned but in hindsight I kind of wished I had just use nightmoth as it is very berry-toned in colour with no red undertones so it would have matched the plum eyeshadow better. I also wish I hadn’t applied the blush – it looks amazeballs in the vid but kak in reality (just on a blonde perhaps?). I first accessorised the look with an ankle bracelet I got from Thailand.


Then I tried it with a gold necklace which I way preferred as it brought out the gold in the shadow. As with all tutorials we try to capture, the camera really does not do our efforts justice :( It sucks a lot because it looks dope in real life, back rarely translate in pics. This look is way more impressive in the darkening night, so if you plan on recreating it don’t forget to let us know by using #smudgedhalloween.


Happy Halloweening,




  1. The whole look is amazing but those lips wow hunny x

  2. I think this looks amazing Bethi! Stunning! x

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