October Favourites

Hello you! I know that it’s been a while but I’ve been away! I was in DRC for two weeks, so blogging was a bit restricted, but the experience has created many ideas for new blog posts liiiiiike

  • how to survive with only travel sized products for two weeks
  • the five beauty products you need to survive two weeks in DRC
  • the three things you’ll HAVE to do when you come back to Cape Town after two weeks in the DRC

Anyway… I’m getting distracted over here. Back the October favourites post.

Indola Silver Shampoo

indola silver shampoo

This is my number one favourite for the month. I’d always seen Indola’s products at the hairdresser, in my head they were really expensive and probably just not worth it. Then I read this post on Emma- Jane Harbour’s blog Emma Jane Nation, and I thought maybe I could get it a try. A couple of weeks later I was sitting at the hairdresser, and right there on the shelf I saw the Indola Silver Shampoo. Casually, I asked her how much it was. R150 – bargain for salon quality shampoo riiiiiight? So I happily bought the shampoo, (and secretly thought I was super cool for having the same shampoo as Emma-Jane). My version of the ‘silver shampoo’ that I’ve been using for the last year or so has just been a couple of drops of gentian violet in my regular shampoo, so one might say that this was a step up for me.

Essence Eyebrow stylist set

essence brow kitThis little baby has been a favourite of mine for quite a while, but I’ve been making it work overtime lately, so I feel it deserves a mention. I first got my hands on this little kit from Beth at the beginning of the year and it was SO good that after I finished that I had to go and repurchase. For someone with naturally dark hair my eyebrows are pretty light, so I really like to darken them a bit with the lighter of the two shadows in this kit. (I will admit that I’ve never used the darker colour, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy for future dress-up parties!) You can get your hands on this baby at most Clicks & Dischem stores!

White nails


Right now, to me, there is nothing that screams summer more than white nails. After two weeks in the DRC, getting a manicure was one of the first things I did when I landed back on South African soil. I opted for Dream Nails and get an incredible gelish manicure, which felt like pure heaven. I feel like I’m totes ready for summer (well my hands are – give me 12 weeks with Kayla and my body will be ready too!)

(all images found on Pinterest)

Let us know what your favourites are at the moment, because we love hearing from all of you!

Love, summer ready nails and perfect blonde hair




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