MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel

Hi friends!

As promised, here is my review for the MAC pro longwear waterproof brow gel. I picked up the shade Empathetically Blonde a few weeks ago with Michelle and we are both loving this stuff!

I’ve been lusting over this MAC waterproof range for many a moon now and finally purchased the one I’ve been particularly eyeing out. The first time I tried it I totally freaked out and didn’t like it because a) I’m used to applying a clear gel so I go balls to the wall coating every hair so that it sets to the shape I want. This resulted in too much product on too little hair with the tinted gel and b) The colour takes time to settle so I always find it to be cooler in tone once set and only realized this after trying it out a couple of times.



Claims  (R190)

Mac says, “A brush-on gel that grooms and defines brows into shape, naturally shading to create subtle or dramatic looks. The non-greasy formula sets hairs softly, providing a healthy-looking sheen in six new hues to match any hair colour, from deep ebony to shimmering soft gold-brown”.

Packaging   7/10

The brush head is nice and small, which is different to their previous brow gels, and tapered at the end so it makes combing the beginning and ends of brows a lot more easier and precise. The tube itself is not clear so I don’t know when I’m going to know when I will run out (annoying much!) and I know I won’t be able to reach the last few uses because the brush doesn’t reach that far down (like a mascara wand) so I’m deducting points for that.

Pigmentation 9/10

The colour on the tube and in this photograph makes the gel look as if it is brown and warm coloured. I think this is very off putting for customers because a fair skinned blonde with warm (orangey) brows does not look right at all. Blonde brows need to be ashy all the way, so brow products need to be kept very cool in tone. But I knew as soon as I unscrewed the wand and saw the colour that it would be the perfect shade to match my MAC fling brow pencil. And I’ve seen shaaanxo use it and it looks pretty perfect on her. The product is nicely pigmented and does an awesome job of “colouring in” your brows to make them appear full will no gaps. It’s like filling in your brows with a pencil except you can set them at the same time and it is a quicker method.

Longevity   8.5/10

I’m super impressed with the formula of this waterproof gel. I am just about to finish my clear brow gel and am going to replace it with the waterproof version of it from this range. The hairs stay far better in place and hold for pretty much the entire time until you take it off. I would say it’s water-resistant and not waterproof, but it would hold up nicely in a humid environment when the sweats hit.

Application   8/10

Like I said before, the brush head is great because of it’s size and shape. The only thing I struggle with is applying too much and making the brows too thick because the wand is so lekker to brush the brows through with. That’s a good thing I guess :).




Overall    8/10

My only negative comment is that the colour can slightly oxidize when it’s not on the brow but when I have gotten some on the surrounding skin. I use Garnier bb cream during the day and that has a tendency to oxidize a lot of my face products and I really don’t like the outer edges of my brows to be slightly warm in colour. So you just have to be more precise with where you place the gel. I also wish it would set a 100%, I think it sets to about 80% dryness. I guess that’s what a gel is all about though.

Happiness and perfect brows,




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  3. LOVING mine in Red Chestnut! But I find I need to apply before foundation so I can wipe away any excess with a cotton bud and not mess up my make-up…

  4. Lovely eyebrows :)

  5. you looks stunning bethi!

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