You used your hair straightener to do whaaaaaaat?



So the other day I was running very late for work, I quickly threw on an outfit, looked in the mirror and almost screamed. My beautiful white shirt was SO creased, and I definitely didn’t have time to iron it (who has time for ironing anyways?!)

I looked down, and there was my hair straightener… hmmm. I had heard once that someone had used it to get rid of some creases on a shirt, so I gave it a try. IT WORKED AMAZINGLY. Like, I might never iron shirts again!

I posted about it on Twitter and I got a few replies. A friend from overseas said that she often does that, and it works extra well for the collars of shirts that need to be sorted out – genius!

So after this, I began to wonder, what else can we use hair straighteners for… this is what I came up with:

  • Loosen the waist on tight jeans – apparently running your hot hair straightener over the waist of your super tight pair of jeans will loosen them up enough for you to get them on! WINNING!
  • Seal in hair chalk – ok, this is also a “hair” use, but I think its super cool. Apply the hair chalk, and then use your hair straightener to seal in the colour.
  • Iron out a wrinkled hem – I did mention the ironing thing earlier, but didn’t think about using it on hems! Think about those dressed and skirts that just need a quick iron before you can wear them… now you don’t even need to get the ironing board out of the cupboard.
  • Depot your eyeshadow (ok I didn’t know anything about this, but Beth and Jodi mentioned it to me last night – read more about it here

Pleeeeease let me know if you have any weird and wonderful uses for your hair straightener – I’d love to add them into the post!

Love, unwrinkled shirts and perfect hair,




  1. […] This is one technique for depotting your shadows. It’s commonly used because most gals (and guys) have hair straighteners nowadays. This way was mentioned on another smudged post about the many uses of hair straighteners. Find it here. […]

  2. […] So after this, I began to wonder, what else can we use hair straighteners for… read what I found out on Smudged Beauty. […]

  3. depot your eye shadow, whaaat

    1. whaaaaaaaaaaaat! yes – such a cool use!

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