Woolworths Dipliner Review

Hello dearests

When I met Renee (the super-talented make-up artist who answered our Q&A here) I had just run out of my MAC Fluidline gel liner. So my first beauty question to her was “Which eyeliner??”. I was expecting the usual ‘Bobbi Brown gel’ answer, but instead she suggested the Woolworths Dipliner. I was super sceptical, since I’m willing to spend money on my can’t-live-without product. But hey, I’m a dreamer, so I bought it on my way home that day.

And DAMN I’m glad I did! This eyeliner is the biggest beauty surprise of the year. Here are its claims and what I thought of it…



Left: Applicator / Top right: Swatches / Bottom right: Swatches after being rubbed and splashed with water


Woolworths describes this as a ‘long-wearing, smudge proof and waterproof liquid eyeliner formulated to glide on smoothly and to dry quickly for an even, dramatic effect.’ It retails for R120 at Woolworths or online.

Packaging 6/10

Nothing special, but it does the job. The long tube is easy to handle.

Pigmentation 9/10

One thing I don’t like about gel liners is that they can often come out grey rather than black, and this product is converting me to liquid liner for that very reason. I can even apply this over eyeshadow and it still comes out inky black. When it starts drying out a bit I might need to go over a line twice, but that’s about as bad as it gets.

Longevity  10/10

Guys. I can’t even describe. This liner Does Not Budge. I’ve worn it through a full work day followed by gym and dinner, and it looked the same as when I first applied it. Even my beloved Fluidline couldn’t make it a full day without a bit of smudging.

Gym face. All my make-up's been sweat off, but the cat eye's holding on tight.

Gym face. All my make-up’s been sweated off, but the cat eye’s holding on tight.







Application   7/10

This eyeliner has a flexible felt tip, which is sturdy enough to draw a controlled line. I prefer using an angled brush, so I do sometimes paint the liner onto my brush and use it that way rather. The tip can get a bit frayed after a while which is annoying.

Overall   8/10

This is a ridiculously good liquid liner for the price point. The longevity is absolutely amazing and it lives up to its claim of being smudge-proof. It’s also approved by Beauty Without Cruelty which makes me very happy. All in all I’d say if you like your eyeliner in liquid form, this is the one to try before you venture into high-end territory.

Have an awesome day liefies!





  1. I have a liquid eye liner and I actually need to start using it. I’m so shaky and it always comes out looking silly. Think I need to start practicing :) Because it always looks lovely on others :)

  2. This is my favourite liquid eyeliner. Easy to apply and I like the wet-look.

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