Confess darlings!

beauty confessions

Hello darlings, listen here, it’s time to CONFESS.

We want your beauty confessions, no matter how silly, ridiculous, or misguided they are!

We want to know if you’ve ever used tippex to fix your ruined manicure, used vodka to take off nail polish, or any other beauty confessions. WE WANT TO KNOW.

It’s time to confess darlings – let’s do it together.

I can honestly confess that I’ve:

  • used vodka to remove nail polish in a dire situation where there was no nail polish remove to be found
  • used a black koki because I had run out of eyeliner (this was years ago ok?)
  • used a piece of sandpaper to file a broken nail
  • I used to go to bed with my make-up still on ALL THE TIME
  • I had NO idea how to contour until Beth taught me (and I’m still a bit confused by it)

Now it’s your turn.

How to confess:

  • leave your beauty confessions as a comment below
  • tweet them and tag us in the tweet @smudgedbeauty with #beautyconfessions
  • comment on our latest instagram
  • if you’d like to remain anonymous you can email them to us

All of these confessions will be featured in a new post coming soon, so send in your confessions and you’ll feature on the blog!

Love, confessions and vodka




  1. For someone who writes about beauty shiz I usually look horrifying on a day to day basis partly because I enjoy watching peoples reactions when I start talking about beauty bidnaz. I also detest shaving my legs, I can count how many times I’ve shaved/epilated my legs this year. I am also one of the few South Africa’s with a vitamin D deficiency. I have been known to get a sample of dark mineral foundation because it’s great to use as an eyeshadow (also I’m too cheap to buy actual matte eyeshadow). Stop me whenever you feel like it…

  2. I’ve used hairspray on my face as setting spray. Not recommended!!

    1. hahaha YES!

  3. Most of the time I don’t bother to wear make-up, then when I do my colleagues all have this alarming shocked expression. I don’t generally take make-up off due to pure laziness and the fact that I never remember to buy make-up remover stuff. A highlighter for me is a fun pen to make headings with… apparently it’s also for one’s face? I’ve never plucked/ tweezed or done anything else to my eyebrows. I probably should.

    1. ah thank you for confessing! :)

  4. I shave my side parting in the front with an electric razor.
    I’ve kept individual falsies on for two days straight on more than one occasion.
    And lastly, I try to take my make-up off everytime, but sometimes i am just…too…drunk…

    1. ah elbow – I love you!

  5. Not so much beauty as fashion, but I’ve used a stapler to fix a falling hem….on a leather pencil skirt!

    1. ah I love it! we’ll accept fashion confessions too! thank you :)

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