Adventures with Roaccutane (2)

Hey guys,

Here’s my second post for my series on roaccutane. You can read the first one here. I’m two months into my course and feeling like I’ve been on this stuff all my life but am seeing great results even though the side effects have been a bit of a bitch. The constant red complexion that has now made it’s way throughout all my skin, even my toes, is currently the thing I battle with the most but the rest can be relatively easy to counteract. Here are some of my favourite products that are helping me do this.


Environ Rich Night Moisturiser:

This is my usual moisturiser that I have been using for a few years now and the one I was using before I started my treatment. Right after I started my treatment last month I figured out pretty early along that my skin would become uber sensitive and almost all of my moisturisers irrated my skin and broke it out into a rash. Even the “natural” stuff caused sensitivity. But thankfully my Environ moisuriser contains ingredients that doesn’t mess around with my skin and it appreciates that!

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment:

This is one of the best multipurpose balms out there! It receives the best rating for a “clean” product from my DirtyWorks app, meaning it has no ingredients that could be harmful in anyway. It is basically made entirely from papayas and has the consistency of Elizabeth Arden 8h cream or Vasaline. It hydrates my lips instantly and keeps them moistened for much longer than any other lip product I own.

Eucerin Sun Fluid:

This sunscreen is a great product available on South African shelves. It’s high in SPF (50), it is long wearing and it is a fluid and not a cream which means it is mattifying and does not produce oil during the day so it can be worn easily under make-up. I really like this sunscreen, it’s been repurchased before.

Tree of Life Argan Oil:

Since my skin has totally dried up from the roaccutane I need to double up on the hydration. I find using an oil in place of a serum keeps my skin extra hydrated and since argan oil is so thick I’m finding that it works pretty well. I use it before I go to sleep so it can really soak in my skin for the rest of the night.

Stay tuned for next month’s post – I’ll be half way!

Happy happy,




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