Jodi’s November Favourites

For the last week I’ve been mulling around my monthly favourites. I’m a product whore. I love them all unless I hate them.

I had gathered up so many things last night that the logical thing was to film a video rather that do a blog post because it would be so flipping long that you’d lose interest. So instead I culled the basket of faves down to the things I have really really loved this month. Without further ado here are my favourites that I am obsessed with and you should be too:

We'll be going left to right in order below.

We’ll be going left to right in order below.

Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandals

In October my lovely bf went to Germany and I was a pest and had been talking about how much I wanted them for the last year. He picked them up for me because they were significantly cheaper in Germany than here in SA and in London. Since I got them, there have maybe been about 3 days that I haven’t worn them. I think they look hella cool and despite many people reminding me how hideous they think Birks are, I don’t really give a shit because they are the most comfortable thing on the planet. End. Also, on trend. HAVE THEY NOT SEEN THEM ON RUNWAYS ALL YEAR?! If it’s good enough for Lanvin then it’s good enough for me.

Wet ‘n Wild ColorIcon in E252B Nutty/Noisette (+/- R25 available at Clicks)

Wet ‘n Wild have been a blogger favourite for ages. Their eyeshadows rival the pigmentation and texture of many high end brands. The eyeshadow is so finely milled it feels like butter. Since I’m trying my best to start wearing eyeshadow (eek!), when I saw this I fell in love right away. It has a very soft shimmer running through the taupey brown shade. When blended out it has a bit of a rose gold feel. Very hard to describe but so beautiful on the lid. It’s a very easy, wearable colour that you can dust all over the lid and be ready for the day. All this in an affordable Cruelty Free brand. It doesn’t get much better.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector (R120 at The Body Shop)

When the Body Shop first came to South Africa when I was about 12, I remember going into the shop and trying this hand protector and loving it. Mind you, this was my ‘hippy’ phase when I wore old man red tartan hemp shorts (I still miss them dearly) and a multicolour hemp bag. This hand cream smells like that bag and I have always loved it, but for some reason I never got around to buying it. It’s not like it would break the bank, so I really just don’t have a logical reason why I’ve never owned this. It’s thick and nourishing and since the heat and my eczema leave my hands dry and sore, this is the best hand cream I’ve used that actually feels like I’m doing something good.

Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray (£9 available at

Summer has truly begun in Cape Town which means my make up tends to slide right off my face with the slightest twinge of heat. This setting spray locks everything in place without having to powder for days and end up looking cakey.

L’Oreal False Lash Architect Waterproof (R158 available at Dischem)

I thought I’d give waterproof mascara a try again now that I’m back to curling my lashes on the daily and while I may not know if this is actually the best one, it definitely holds a curl better in my lashes than a non-waterproof formula. I have never got on with waterproof because it takes too long to take off but a few gentle wriggles of a Bioderma soaked cotton pad and we’re good to go.

Sally Hansen No-Chip Top Coat (R82 available at Dischem)

My Seche Vite got seriously gross a good long while ago which let me down on its very short lifespan. I had tried and subsequently made my mom buy the fast drying Sally Hansen Insta-dri on Michelle’s recommendation. It’s brilliant. However, I am loving this No-Chip top coat because unlike Seche Vite, there is no shrinkage at all and the high shine looks like glass. More than that though, this topcoat dries so fast that I don’t have to worry about my nails being wet for ages.

The last two in the photo are a little bit of a cheeky add. Last week we got to go to the launch of the new skincare range by Sorbet and that night I cracked out the Salon Skin Specialist Care Daily Skin Polish Powder and Age Effect Eye and Lip Serum. I have only been using this a week hence the sneaky addition, but they are divine. My face has been quite bumpy after a very stressful last few months and already I can see it improving after the last week of use. The powder contains rice powder and salicylic acid which brightens and gently exfoliates the skin. It is a perfect dupe for the Dermalogica Microfoliant. As for the Lip and Eye Serum, I’ve only used it so far on my dry desert looking lips and when messaged into the lips it instantly smoothes and leaves my lips feeling hydrated and plump. It doesn’t leave a heavy glossy residue behind making it a wonderful base for lipstick.

FINALLY… my last and most talked about fave this month is the biggest and most popular podcast in the world at the moment: Serial. This podcast follows Sarah Koenig as she looks into the case of Hae Min Lee, a 17 year old Korean-American girl killed in Baltimore in 1999. Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was convicted of her murder but to this day he claims he is not only innocent, but also was not involved in it at all. The most fascinating thing to remember about this case is that this podcast is all true. This did happen and still is happening. These are real people who had real futures ahead of them 15 years ago. The podcast covers different topics every week and only one episode is released every week. As soon as there is a new development we hear about it. To listen to the podcast and come up with your own theories, please listen to it here.

If you have anything we should try, let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter @smudgedbeauty

Love and all the things




  1. […] shouldn’t be a surprise since I spoke about it in another post here. It’s thick and nourishing and a cult product that I was very late to get on board with. I […]

  2. Did you start listening to Serial because of Chelsea?

    1. Yes. She completely sold me it and she’s totally right. You should listen to it.

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