Lush Lovelies

Hello dearests!

One of our favourite brands, Lush, was kind enough to send us some products to try out! We were super excited and have been testing them all out for you so we can give you our honest opinions. Here are the different products we tested and what we thought…


Ambrosia Shaving Cream (R155 for the big one, 250g)

So I wasn’t particularly excited about this…I mean how great can a shaving cream be? But this one really surprised me! It contains oat milk, linseed, chamomile and honey water to soothe sensitive skin and banish redness…and I actually noticed the difference! I even used it on my, ahem, bikini line and emerged irritation and bump free. I’d recommend this to anyone with super sensitive skin like mine, and also for any guys out there needing something gentle for their faces. It’s pricey but a little goes a looong way. – Mich

Flying Fox Shower Gel (R75 for 100g)

Jodi and I have been sharing this (roommate beauty obsessives ftw), and both of us have different reactions to the scent. Initially I loved it, but after a while it really started to bug me. I actually thought there was something off in our shower, but it was this. The main scents are jasmine, ylang ylang, cypress and palmarosa, and obviously I’m not getting on with one of them. But different strokes for different folks, so go give it a sniff and see what you think! Besides the smell it’s a pretty good shower gel that lathers up nicely and doesn’t dry out your skin. – Mich

Adding on from Mich, I felt similarly and after the first few uses that something just smelled odd to me. I adore the scent of jasmine but this is pungent and that one particular fragrance sticks around more than you’d like. I have a strange determination and carried on using this and it eventually did grow on me more (meaning that I stopped hating it). I don’t wear perfume everyday which is why I found that I just got over the scent instead of it clashing. Lush makes divine shower gels and I feel like I’ll always love The Olive Branch, Grass and It’s Raining Men the most though. – Jodi

Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo (R70 for 100g)

I really really like this shampoo! Ages ago I once received a beer-based shampoo from The Body Shop and dug it a lot and every time someone inconsiderately spilt their drink on me at a club or festival I reminded myself of the benefits of an alcoholic hair treatment! This shampoo most definitely adds shine back into my locks, and although is it made specifically for curly/frizzy hair I like that is smoothes my fine hair out by adding some weight. It gently cleanses but my favourite part is how easily it lathers up. And I like the smell of stout too I guess! – Beth

Popcorn Lip Scrub (R95 for 25g)

Since my lips are in a fair state from the roaccutane this stuff is keeping me sane. I’ve always wanted a lip scrub from Lush since I’ve heard awesome things about them, so I’m very grateful to Lush for sending us one! It’s made from sugar granules and natural oils that exfoliate the lips whilst keeping them moist, but the best part is that because it is totally natural you can eat it. And I do. It has a delicious caramel flavour but salty like popcorn and that combination between salty and sweet means I eat it more than I exfoliate! – Beth

Ultrabalm (R145 for 45g)

This is a wonder tin. I like to think of it as a non-gross vaseline which is 100% Vegan and free of mineral oil and petroleum jelly (read: petrol by-product, sies!). I have really dry grandma elbows and when they are feeling extra pesky I’ll smooth a bit on. The scent isn’t particularly offensive and while I’m not a fan of the texture on my lips (I’m very finicky with lip product textures) I do find that dabbing the slightest bit on the cheekbones after make up gives a really juicy highlight. Because this is a multipurpose product you can and should use it for any everything as it’s more of a life essential than anything else. -Jodi

Breath of Fresh Air – Toner water (R120 for 250g- it’s the biiiig one)

This is a live-saving product, especially in summer. I found that I not only used this product as a toner, but also just to spray directly on my face when I was feeling a bit hot/sticky/dehydrated. I really like the smell of the aloe and the slight sniff of seaweed. My number one tip for this product – keep it in the fridge! Then it’s extra cold and refreshing on those hot summer days. – Jess

Have you tried any of these? Let us know what you think in the comments below!



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