Kylie Jenner Make-up Tutorial Using South African Products


Since every blogger and her mother has created a tutorial on the “Kylie Jenner” look, here is my two cents!

I once heard Gareth Cliff say that athletes dope so much for the Olympics that they should just go ahead and create a Games that exclusively has doped up athletes complete against each other. That would be entertaining, to see how far we could push the limits. I feel this way about the Kardashians. These women have filled, lazered, tightened, removed and enlarged so much of their natural physical forms it’s like their appearance is a hobby that gets worked on for their (and our) entertainment. Everything about the Kardashians is inherently constructed. And they don’t deny it, their beauty procedures have been well documented in every t.v. season. It’s fascinating to watch their appearance morph with each new accessory, make-up item, outfit. They really are the queens of their constantly evolving image. Don’t take anything that they say or do at face value, pun intended. So I find them entertaining, Kylie specifically. She has fun with fashion, she makes bold choices and looks like a drag queen most of the time. If we had to view her make-up in real life I guarantee our jaws would drop with the amount she wears. Is she going to solve the crisis in Syria? No. But I don’t expect her to at 17. Or ever really? Prove me wrong KJ!

Although they don’t contribute intellectually to society I do think that there are positives to this family. They all pretty much have/had interracial relationships. And I like that they accept (and accentuate) their bodies to appear as curvaceous as possible, a no-no in their environment. It’s refreshing to see a group of seriously influential ladies who don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes, but who do have brown hair and brown eyes.


So let’s break it down…

– lots of lashes. Think long and wispy, lots of individuals that are separated, emphasis on being long, not full. Mascara on bottom lashes always.

– No liner on the waterline. She probably wears a nude colour to enlargen her eyes even more.

– Eyes are tightlined and lined slightly on the upper lid. I’m sure her falsies lash band is also creating the illusion of upper liner.

– Bronzed cheeks. She’s a part of the Kardashian clan so she probably left the womb with bronzer on.

– Simple shadow colours in the crease. The eye look is about simplicity and achieving large features. Having too much shadow complicates the look and tends to make the eyes look smaller because of all the added shadow colours.

– The ultimate nude lip. Her nudes are very brown based (yay 90s yay!) and more on the pinkish/nude rather than coral/nude.


I used; MAC fling, MAC studio sculpt NW15, MAC mineralize concealer, Bourjois bronzer, Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, MAC Soft and Gentle, Rimmel nude eye kohl, MAC waterproof brow gel empathetically blonde, Rimmel extra super lash waterproof mascara, W&W bronzer and Essence lipliner 11 in the nude.

 Essence Lipliner 11 – In the Nude


This is the star of the show! Although we all know Kylie specifically uses MAC’s Spice, this is a lovely and much cheaper alternative. It is under R20 and if you feel like experimenting with this look to check if it suits you or not, I recommend this product. The formula is also ridiculously good for the price!

kjStep 1:

Contour. Take your bonzer and go to town. This wouldn’t be a Kardashian tutorial if there wasn’t piles of contour, highlighter and bronzer. Kylie also wears full coverage foundation, for this look I used my MAC studio sculpt in NW15.

kj1Step 2:

Coat those lashes in layers of mascara. I used a waterproof one because it holds a curl much better. Kylie also fills in her brows and sculpts out her arch.


Step 3:

Tightline your upper lashline, line the waterline with a nude eye pencil. I used YDK from my Naked 2 Palette all over the lid area.


Step 4:

I only used lashes on the ends of my eyes. I cut a pair of full and fluffy ones in half to make sure the ends where wispy.


Step 5:

Line those lips baby! I find overdrawing can look obvious if you line the outer corners. My tip: stick to the very tops and bottom only of your lips. I also tried to balance out my very curved cupid’s bow by drawing a lower lip that is the shape of a dumbbell, as opposed to a rounded lip. Place some highlighter on the cupids’s bow and a shadow just underneath the bottom lip to make it appear fuller.

Screen shot 2014-12-07 at 1.16.44 AM

And voila! The power of good lighting and a filter!

Love and large lips,



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