Festive Work Party Look

It’s Friday which means that there is a ton of work Christmas parties making their rounds, one last hoopla with your work buddies before tying up loose ends and going on your December holidays.

I always feel that for work Christmas parties it’s a good chance to be a bit more you and a have more fun that your average work day in terms of what’s on yo’ face. For today’s tutorial, I thought we could play a bit.


The eye products. Seems like a lot of unnecessary products but I swear the payoff in real life was incredible and building each colour up made a massive difference.

So I know you’re looking at the product shot and are thinking, “Shit, Jodi. That’s a fuck load of product you want me to put on my face!” and fair enough. It is a hang of a lot, however, a lot of these can skipped but I really wanted to take my time and build it up slowly. There are also a few products that you can use to double up steps I’ve used and alternatives to certain products. So from right to left: Mac Eye Khol in Fascinating, Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in 69 Clair, Yardly Kajal Pencil in Black*, MAC Technakhol Liner Eye-Liner Kajal in Antiquity, Soap & Glory Supercat Liner, Woolworths Cooling Cream Eyeshadow in Khaki, Inglot Duraline, L’Oreal False Lash Effect Wings Mascara, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Accessorize Baked Duo in 4 Break Up, NYX Glitter Mania in 05 Gold, MAC Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive, Yardley Stayfast Single Eyeshadow in Gunmetal Green*, Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Matte 349 and Demi Lashes that I bought around 6 years ago and was too scared to figure out how to put them on until recently.


Step 1: I have greasy eyelids so I first applied my Urban Decay Primer Potion. Then I lined my lower lashline with the Chanel beige liner and smudged some onto the lid to take out any uneven colour. If you don’t have a problem with an uneven base or greasy lid this step isn’t necessary. Next up, I used a fluffy eye shadow brush with some of the Inglot Freedom System Matte Eyeshadow 349 in the crease really taking the time to buff it out. This will be your transition colour.

Step 2: Then I blended in the Woolworths Cooling Cream Eyeshadow in Khaki all over the lid alternating between a smaller shadow brush and a clean fluffy crease brush. If you can’t get a hold of this, the MAC Technakhol Liner Eye-Liner Kajal in Antiquity works as well as a good base shadow colour. I used both alternating and blending the two together until I was happy with the amount of pigmentation. When using a colour eye shadow take a little bit longer and really blend those shadow together so that there is no harsh lines.

Step 3: To build up the intensity on the outer third of the eye, I smudged in the Yardly Kajal Pencil in Black* in tiny amounts mixed with the MAC Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive, Yardley Stayfast Single Eyeshadow in Gunmetal Green*. The Yardly Kajal Eyeliner is probably the best black eyeliner I’ve used as it sets quite quickly which means you have to work fast. Build these up until you have the intensity that you want.


Step 4: Blend in the two colours of the Accessorize Baked Duo and press in the center of the lid and blend. If you aren’t sure, grab a tissue and do a quick rub of your fluffy brush to wipe off any excess shadow and then go over everything again and blend some more.

Step 5: Next I applied my eyeliner. I recently watched a great tutorial by Jaclyn Hill where she used a pretty darn clever liner technique. She doest her liner and then, with a clean angled brush dipped in eye makeup remover she neatens up that line. Genius I say. You can watch that tutorial right here. Next go ahead and tightline your upper lid with the Yardley Kajal Pencil. When tightlining I like to lift my lashes, line and wait for about 10 seconds so that liner can set.


All the face products

Step 6: Go ahead and apply your foundation, concealer and of course your brows. I used Ingot YSM Cream Foundation built up to full coverage (I’ve only learnt that full coverage has a place ie photographs) followed by L’Oreal Indefectible Concealor. For my brows I tried something a little different and mixed some of the Inglot Duraline into my usual Body Shop Eyebrow kit (alas, it’s too ugly to photograph and I thought I’d spare you!).


Step 7: In the inner corner of the eye, I blended some of the MAC Eye Khol in Fascinating. I did this because I wanted the highlight to be intense and slightly ‘tacky’ so that the gold pigment had something to stick onto.

Step 8: Taking the same MAC Technakhol Liner Eye-Liner Kajal in Antiquity under the eye and mixing in some of the other eyeshadows used earlier, I blended the colours together with an angled brush. Instead of sticking to the natural contour of the eye, I carried the left over shadow straight across leaving ample space for the intense highlight. On the outer corner I deepened the colur with a bit more of the Yardly Kajal* blended in.


Step 9: Add the glitz. With my angled brush I’d just used I pressed a tiny amount of the NYX Glitter Mania in 05 Gold into the inner corner highlight.


Step 10: Apply your lashes and when the glue has dried, I like to apply some mascara to my own lashes. It’s give an extra ooph and makes your falsies look a bit more “real”.

Step 11: Go forth and contour! In the abov product shot of the face products you might have noticed something odd. Like why is the Inglot Matte Eyeshadow in 349 in there you ask? Well, I recently noticed that to make a real looking shadow I needed a bit of a murky grey thrown into my well loved Benefit Hula Bronzer (top right). Mixing the two together makes the perfect contour colour and I’m not sure how I dealt before. In the photos, it doesn’t translate as well but in real life, it’s perfection. Above my contour I used Rimmel Blush in Coral (lately I’ve been digging the blush, what can I say) with Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Kitten on my brow bone all the way down on my upper cheek bone.

Step 11: I combined MAC Lipstick in Freckle Tone on the lips topped with NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Perfect.


Now since is the festive season, we figured the amount of selfies will be at an all time high (I mean when your make up is good…). Here is my final Instagrammable selfie #nofilter

I would like to add that I love this look way more than I anticipated but with nothing to do last Saturday evening so I took my dog to the dog park with a full face of make up. #YOLO

Again, I used a million products for this but if you use your own discretion, the similar effect can easily be achieved with a little patience and a lot of blending.

Now go forth and get turned(t?) at your works expense.

Love and gold glitter,



*We were lucky enough to be sent some wonderful products from Yardley. Those products have been marked with*


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  1. looking hot!

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