Luxury Christmas Gift Guide

Hi readers,

The festive season is in full swing now and we’re putting together some gift lists here on the blog! Check out last week’s gift guide which featured Jess’s Buying for your Bestie and Michelle’s Secret Santa gift guide for under R100. I got to create the fun one, albeit the most unattainable list, but hey, maybe you got a 13th cheque this year!


Charlotte Tilbury Videobox Supermodel Set

Nothing screams luxury cosmetics quite like Charlotte Tilbury. Her invoices even come with embossed/metallic stationery with every purchase. This box is no exception, once you open the lid it plays the video that comes set up in the box so you can follow her tutorials made with each item. I mean really, it’s like an adult musical jewelry box for the fortunate. And it would be a truckload of fun to receive make-up along with a step-by-step show and tell on how to use it all.


NARS – The Vault

Super sexy name for a super sexy brand. 10 lipsticks and 10 nail polishes were picked to honour the brand’s 20 anniversary. Apparently each product was chosen for their strength, character and timeless appeal. I’m not too sure about personifying lippies and polishes as being strong in character but I like the idea of investing in products that don’t date too quickly. Also, image receiving one of these under the tree?!


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

I’ve always wanted one of these. I’m certain most beauty junkies do as they are BB’s number 1 cult product. These bricks are gorgeous bronzers that come in a variety of shades to suit most skin undertones. So when I went to go price one I was horrified by how expensive it was. And although they may be worth the rands for it’s colour payoff/blendability/yada yada I don’t think it’s really truly worth all that money. But it would make a fabulous gift! Keep the little sponge that protects the product once it’s closed – I’ve seen one to many of these crumble when being transported.


Urban Decay – Naked Vault

Lots of talk about this exciting product floating around the interwebs. It’s batshit crazy how much you get in this set and somewhat really well priced. As you can see buy the pic, you are would be receiving all the Naked palettes (that makes 3), 3 eye pencils, 3 Naked flushed palettes, 3 lip glosses. I must say, this brand of make-up has outstanding quality so you know you will be getting a truly magical gift if you unwrapped this item.


Benefit Advent Calendar

If I lived over seas I’d totally save up and buy this for myself! The idea is that each day holds a new sample product from Benefit. It’s obviously limited edition for Christmas time and gifts you with 24 beauty products in total. I love the idea of sample products because 1) I rarely finnish anything 2) I occasionally buy things I’m not totally in love with. I will say however that if you breakdown the price of each item per day I’m not quite sure it’s worth the price. I would rather make my own with Benefit samples and gift it as a DIY edition for a friend.

Love and lottery wins,



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