Festive Beauty Buys for Beasts (read: Boys)

Boys are probably the hardest to shop for UNLESS they’ve said that they specifically want something. At Christmas, I usually take it as the time of year to restock their bro-beauty because the men in my life generally aren’t willing to do it themselves.

Here’s my top picks of Beauty Buys for Beasts


Coal Face R81,50 available at Lush.co.za

According to every male I’ve spoken to that’s used this, Coal Face gives them the good clean feel and is good for break outs without smelling like flowers(?!)



Maca Root Shaving Cream R135 at The Body Shop

This shaving cream is really great for dudes who have quite a hard time with irritated skin after shaving. It contains moisturizers and helps to soften and condition the beard.


MANBOX by Rubybox R169 monthly plan or R499 for a 3 month subscription

This is a great gift for gents who aren’t always sure if they need something (ie, my boyfriend waited for me to get to London after he’d been living there for 5 months to get him body lotion) It’s got some handy lifestyle and grooming bits for your gent to try.


Nuxe Men Moisturising Multi-Purpose Gel R274,95 available at Rubybox.co.za

I have a strong love towards Nuxe. Their products have an amazing quality and are cruelty free. Their mens range have some wonderful proudcts but this Multi-Purpose Moisturizer is mattifying and cooling on the skin.


Bee Natural 100% Natural Warm Muscle Rub R84,95 available at Rubybox.com

For the more athletic gent, warming rubs are a great way to get rid of any potential aches and pains. Bee Natural Warm Muscle Rub contains ginger (known for stimulating blood capillaries and bringing warmth), sweet marjoram to soothe aching muscles, and lavender a natural antiseptic with calming and soothing properties.


Bonafide Beard Oil R160 available at bonafidebeardoil.co.za

Beard Oil is a must have for bearded gents. We tend to forget that underneath that lovely scruff is face and the skin underneath needs some love as well as the hair itself. I think all dapper bearded gents should pride their beards and look after it to keep it healthy, shiny and nourished. The Bonafide Beard Oil contains hemp oil, argan oil with an orange and sandlewood scent.


Leather Look Wash Bag R180 available at Woolworths

Perfect for someone who travels a lot. It is both sleek and classic looking.


Issey Miyake L’Eau Bleue (Eau de Toilette) R805 available at Edgars and Red Square

Interesting fact: Issey Miyake started his career off as a graphic designer and still is very involved in the way in which his products are presented in adverts, packaging design and even the way in which it’s put together. With his eye for detail this fragrance is a fresh citrus scent with juniper, ginger, pink pepper and lavendar. The base notes are woodier with sandlewood, amber and patchouli. Hmmm.


Hugo Boss Bottled Night R750 for 50ml/R975 for 100ml available at Edgars and Red Square

The original Hugo Boss was a great entry level male fragrance. The Bottled Night ups the ante a lot, like the older sexier brother. The top notes include birch leaves, lavender, lemon leaves while the base notes flirt with sandalwood, vanilla and amarelo. The heart of scent is cardamom, jasmine and violet.


Tom Ford Grey Vetiver R1 125 for 50ml/R1 575 for 100ml available at selected Edgars and Red Square Stores

When I think about Tom Ford fragrances I tend to get a little fan-girly. There actually isn’t one that I don’t love- both the male, female and unisex range. In my eyes the male can do no wrong. But while some may think his fragrances can be quite intense, the Grey Vetiver is masculine, strong and sophisticated. It has a fresh, warm scent with lots of vetiver, grapefruit and sage which dries down to amber wood scent with a bit of smokiness.

So there’s my top Beauty gifts for Beasts this year because boys like a good spot of pampering too. If you have a chance, I suggest you follow brosbeingbasic on Instagram it’s been giving me some great giggles over the last couple weeks despite some of the backlash has received. It’s also where I found the cover photo for this post.

Happy shopping and beautifying the beast(s) in your life




  1. Im excited to have my man try out that shave cream from body shop! He always has tons of irritaion after shaving

    1. me too! I’m also thinking about the new after shaving oil from Clicks’ Lipidol range.

      1. Ooooo maybe I should give that to my husband too!

    2. Oils are great for shaving too! Another good one to try and you can get samples too for him to try out first is the ones from Lush. I personally have used Prince, Ambrosia and I just love the Dirty range. I used to steal my gent’s shaving cream on the sneaky all the time. He really really loves The Body Shop Macaroot because he normally has a full beard which is totally shaven off once a month and it helps that nasty redness and helps give him a close shave too.

      1. My husband has to be clean shaven for work so he usually shaves every other day…I will have to look in to all of these things!

      2. Lipidol )new oil range from Clicks) has an after shave oil that I’ve just bought for my dad for Christmas – cant wait for him to try it out

      3. sweet! let me know how it goes!

      4. I gave my boyfriend and my dad the after shave oil and they are both loving it – it’s keeping the skin hydrated

      5. Sweet!! I will have to buy some!

  2. The men’s fragrance selections are so helpful! I get lost in them and have been looking for a real cologne for my fiance. I like Bleu by Chanel too, but it’s soo expensive! He wears Axe- ew. Gotta fix that!

    1. I could have kept going with the mens fragrance list but I tried to keep it within the 10 product range. Try out Dolce & Gabana The One too but if you’re looking a somewhat budget friendlier (It’s around R650 for a 50ml) scent Jo Malone does some amazing scents with some having a more masculine smell. I use the Grapefruit one myself but their fragrances are all unisex. I like to go in, sniff everything on their table, then spray testers and go with a process of elimination with my eyes closed. Jo Malone is also a great bet because it’s not very common too and can be layered if he at a later stage feels like something more fancy. I swear, I love mens beauty nearly as much as womens.

      1. I always forget about Jo Malone! I like your scent process- the nose tells no lies! We have a Dolce & Gabbana gift set at work- maybe I’ll check it out. It comes with shave balm which is always a good thing to have on hand (for him…or ME, haha). Men’s fragrances smell better to me than women’s. I like spicy and ladies stuff is always so floral and sweet.

      2. I just feel like you’re going to be smelling him so your opinion is pretty important. Gift sets are so great. It’s like many presents in 1! I hope you have a divine Christmas :)

      3. Thank you, I hope yours is lovely too ♡

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