Christmas naaaails

Heyyy you. Look at that, it’s almost Christmas. FOK. I for one have only just managed to finished all of my Christmas shopping eeeeee. Anyway, I will be the first to admit that I’m not 100% sure where I stand with the whole nail art trend. Like, sometimes I think it looks awesome and other times I’m like… wow you have a lot of time on your hands, literally. Ok, I digress. If there’s one time of the year where I can condone nail art its Christmas time. So I have two Christmas manis for you to try out; one simple, and one a little bit more intricate but TOTES worth it.

Red & Glitter

Ok, so this is the Christmas mani that’s perfect for the lazy girls out there (like me!). Give you nails a nice coat of your favourite red – make that two coats. I used this gorgeous deep red from Beauty Factory.



Next up is the glitter part. Just to be fun I decided to go with the glitter on the lower half of the nail. I tried to make it look like it fades in, you can let me know how well you think I did with that one. I used gold glitter nail polish from Accessorize.



Aaaaaaaand you’re done. That wasn’t too bad was it?

Polar bear nails 

Ok, so anyone who knows me will know how totally crazy I am about polar bears. Like obsessed. I saw some inspo for this mani on Pinterest and I just had to get involved. To be honest, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined it to be.

First step – two coats of a nice light blue nail polish.


Right, then I did a coat of silver glitter, just to get that wintery snowy look (ok yes I know we don’t have snow during Christmas in SA – or at all, just go with it) I used this super cool silver icy glitter from Nails INC.


So after that, I got a little bit creative with a toothpick and some white and black nail polish.  For the polar bears face it’s actually just three circles – one big one for his face, and two smaller ones for ears. And then black dots for the eyes and the nose. I used the black polish from Revlon’s nail art Chalkboard range and Rimmel’s nail tip whitener.



Ok seriously – how cute?



There you go ladies, two options for your Christmas nails. You’re welcome.

Love, Christmas presents and gin




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