All we want for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and we’re all super excited to get festive! (And by get festive I mean eat ALL the food.)

Even though we probably collectively have enough beauty products to get us through the next few decades, there are always a few new ones that find themselves on our lust list! Here’s what we’re hoping to see under the tree this year…


The big one on my Christmas list this year is YSL’s new Black Opium perfume. I had a sample from a magazine and every time I used it I got a million compliments. It smells absolutely amazing with hints of black coffee, vanilla and white florals. Delish.



In my dream world, I’d also be getting the new GHD Soft Curl tong. I had my hair curled on set a few weeks ago with a GHD curling wand and the curls lasted for days! I’m definitely going to be saving up for this one!

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 8.08.57 PM



Well Mich got there first – the GHD curve is definitely on my list too (hint hint).

I also can’t wait to get my hands on one of the oils from the Lipidol range which Clicks is stocking. The after shower oil sounds pretty good to me. (I may or may not have SERIOUSLY hinted about this to the boyfriend, let’s see how that works out)



And the other present I’d like to see under the Christmas tree this year is…  One Step Correct from Stila, I mean really, this is like THE DREAM for my skin. PLEASE SANTA!




I have a list a mile long when it comes to beauty products filling my blog Moleskine without any shame. I want all of it but this Christmas I really want more basics- things I feel I really am missing from my life rather than really am coveting because it’s pretty.

The Queens of affordable (and cruelty free) brushes, I’d love the Real Techniques Starter Set. I got my first brush last year from Beth and then picked up the Core Collection last boxing day and it’s upped my make up game. This year I’ve began braving eye shadows and I realized my two little brushes are not quite there in order to let me play to my hearts content.

Rose Hip Oil– I’ve spoken about you and your mystical benefits and read countless articles and blog posts about you but sadly have never bought any. I have been fighting with my skin a lot lately (breakouts resulting in scarring like it ain’t no thang) and after reading an article on XOVain last week, it was the final star. To the top of the list it goes.


I’ve been eyeing this products for about 7 months now since one of my favourite YouTubers said it was her most beloved highlighter/bronzer of all time. And since we get the Physicians Formula shimmer strips in SA it has been on my wish list for a while. I finally found a tester this week and swatched Riviera and it does not disappoint!



This MAC classic, Satin Taupe, is a classic and one I wish to own! I’ve taking a liking to adding a single shimmer shade to my lid area and this colour would be great for my blue/green eyes. It is a cool toned, shimmery taupe colour (purple/beige) and I really really want it for Christmas, fyi universe. Guess I’m loving the shiny stuff atm!



Happy wishing,



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