Sally Hansen Nail Polish Releases

Hi peeps,

Just writing a quick post before the year is up on these gorgeous polishes Sally Hansen sent our way. I tried out three polishes from two of their new ranges which are available Clicks, Foschini, Edgars and DisChem fyi.


Sally Hansen Colour Frenzy Range

The colour frenzy range is a glittering, splatter-paint effect polish that comes in multidimentional shapes and colours. These polishes create a random blend of shapes and colours that make one of a kind patterns each time you apply a coat. It kind of creates a splatter effect where by you can customize the level of glitter coverage with each coat. As with all polishes that contain glitter/texture these are a bitch to remove, however they stay put without chipping until taken off. And that is a win.

Sally Hansen Colour Frenzy in Red, White & Hue – R89.95



Sally Hansen Colour Frenzy in Splattered – R89.95


Sally Hansen Satin Glam Range

The satin glam range is unique in that they brush on as a gloss but dry to a stain/matte finnish pretty much instantly. I absolutely love this because I have ruined many a manicure because the polish has taken hours to set – duvet nail art anyone? These polishes create a metal-like manicure which is beautiful in person and quite subtle for a metallic finish polish, which are usually in-your-face-look-at-my-nails kind of sparkly.

Sally Hansen Satin Glam in Go Gold – R69.95


Hope you’re all having a jolly holiday,




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