Best of 2014: Hair

Aaaand we’re back with more of our favourite products from 2014. Today we’re talking about our favourite hair products.


Weirdly enough, choosing my favourite hair product of 2014 was probably the hardest out of all of the categories. I use A LOT of different products, and I’m generally not too brand loyal when it comes to my hair because I like to try out ALL of the new things.

Lee Stafford Everyday Blondes Shampoo

lee-stafford-everyday-blondes-lilac-shampoo1I’ve been becoming quite a fan of Lee Stafford and his products lately. The Shine Head Spray is definitely the runner up for me in this category, but for now let’s discuss my winner. This Everyday Blondes shampoo is like every fake blonde’s best friend. It’s for highlighted or bleached hair and it’s gentle enough for everyday use. Basically, it’s a gentle toner, helping to keep those brassy tones at bay. YAY. This is my favourite hair product of 2014 by far.


Davines Momo Moisturising Anti-frizz Protective Fluid

I bought this after my stylist at Carlton used it before blowdrying my hair. It really helps to smooth my hair and makes it easier for me to calm it down (my hair is very thick and stubborn!). This helps to protect from heat styling while keeping my hair moisturised and soft, so it’s an all-round winner for me.

 John Frieda Salon Shape 1.5 Inch Hot Air Brush

This handy tool is super useful for smoothing out hair if you’re not so good with a hairdryer (I’m useless). I blowdry my hair in sections using the Hot Air Brush when my hair’s already almost dry, and it really helps to control it and prevent frizz.


Joico Colour Endure Violet Shampoo


I love this shampoo! It is very intense, so be warned, your sculpt will turn purple if you use too much. It turns your blonde locks ashy immediately and is also sulphate-free to boot! It’s set at a mid/high level price point but I think the quality is definitely worth the price. Joico produces some awesome products, I have yet to be disappointed.

Tresemme Oil Elixir


This is a really nice hair oil that’s easy on the wallet and good for your locks. What I like most about this oil is that it leaves no sticky residue on your hair ends. I’m  big believer in keeping hair healthy with an oil. I think you definitely get what you pay for, it’s a decent product for a grocery store price. The size of the bottle is huge! However my bottle got knocked onto my floor and smashed into a million pieces so it totally sucks in that regard.


Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

After getting my hair to a normal hair washing routine at the beginning of 2014, dry shampoos really became a life saver for me. Since my hair is pretty much black naturally, all of the ones I’d tried had left it with a terrible white residue or that I’d use it up far too quickly. The Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo is a must have for ladies with a fringe/bangs. It smells like grapefruit and can be very easily worked into hair to rid any powdery bits in my hair. I’ve had mine since June and haven’t made the half way mark and I use it all the time. I also like it to add a bit more texture to my hair at the roots. Definitely a massive life saver for me.

Label. M Sea Salt Spray

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.20.08 AM

I’m at my happiest when my hair is messy and my fringe is short. So when I started using the Label. M Sea Salt Spray, it was like the clouds parted and all my hair dreams were finally a reality (yes, this may seem dramatic to you, but it really was a big moment). It works really well into both wet and dry hair for a textured beachy feel to my hair. I love to make pin curls with my GHD and add a bit more ‘mess’ by spritzing a few pumps of this into the ends and giving it a scrunch. The hold isn’t super strong and it still makes my hair feel like hair.

Love and tip-top tresses





  1. Mich, what does the Hot Air Brush cost? Im useless with a hairdryer too.

    1. Hey! I bought it a while ago for R299, but I just saw on the Clicks website it’s on special for R209! :)

      1. Ooh.. Sale!.. Thank you! :)

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