Best of 2014: Bath & Body

Happy Thursday – one more sleep until the weekend! Woooo. So here are our favourite bath & body products from 2014. Let us know what your favourites are!


Lipidol After Shower Oil

oilThe Lipidol After Shower Oil is hands down my favourite product of 2014. I struggle to remember to moisturize my body, because its just a mission to me. This oil is so quickly absorbed and it keeps my skin hydrated for aaaages. WINNING. This After Shower Oil and the rest of the Lipidol range is available at Clicks.


LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.08.58 PM
I was lucky enough to receive this for my birthday this year from the lovely Jodi! It’s a deliciously rose-scented in-shower moisturiser that you apply and then rinse off. It contains cypress oil, capuacu butter, Brazil nut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil and Argan oil…so naturally it makes your skin feel pretty damn good! I’m a rose fragrance fanatic so the smell of this brightens up my whole morning.

Caribbean Tan Pre-tan Body Exfoliator

exfoliaAs a ginger, I am never ‘pre-tan’. Or always pre-tan, depending on how you look at it. Nevertheless this is my favourite scrub, and I repurchased it twice last year. The sugar really gets rid of all that dead skin (I hate cream body scrubs because I feel they don’t nearly slough off enough) and the jojoba oil keeps skin super moisturised afterwards. The yummy cinnamon and coconut smell is also a major plus.



Lush Buffy Body Butter



I love exfoliating scrubs more than any other bath & body product and to find one that not only does that AND moisturises AND is made from natural ingredients from an ethical company means I’ll probably be buying this product for the rest of my life. God daaaayum this stuff makes my skin super soft and hydrated. And the tiny ground bits of rice, almonds and beans are tough enough to really scrub away unwanted lumps and bumps. Check out my previous review here of my beloved Buffy.


Sorbet Tweezers

This is the only category I think these could fit. The sorbet tweezers are sharp and preally good for precision. I have the white flat top version and at R50 its a real steal. I’ve used many different tweezers and so far these have been the best budget alternative to the cult Tweezerman ones.

What was your favourite?




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