Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte Vinyl and Volumizing Mascara

Hi Friends,

Yardley were cool enough to send us some of their fabulous new products. Here’s a little review of two of my favourites from them.


Yardley LashPlumper Volumizing Mascara – Black

I’m on the fence with this mascara. On one hand it has a great gel/thick formula that dries relatively fast and does not clump. But on the other hand it is far more lengthening than volumizing, which isn’t necessarily a problem as you can just layer the product. However the wand holds way too much product which means when you pop it back into the tube a lot of the formula spills out.


Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte Vinyl – Electric Tangerine

When I say this product is bright orange in colour I mean it is traffic cone bright. One of my all time favourite make-up items of life are liquid lipsticks, which makes me a bit of a connoisseur so when I say this product is a winner it is a winner. It applies very much like a vinyl, all glossy and smooth but dries down to a beautiful opaque matte finnish. I like to apply about two layers and then I’m all set until it’s time to take it off. Yes Yardley yes!


Happy times,



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