Hi guys,

Here is the latest round up of my most recent trash :)


Simple Cleaning Facial Wipes

These are by far the best wipes I have ever used. And stupidly the other day I bought some from Johnson and Johnson because they were on sale, that also ended up being the same price as the Simple ones, and have instantly regretted not replacing these. They are soft (my most important quality for face wipes), they are fragrance free, they remove pretty much everything because they are so lush and moist and are really economical. Yes to buying again forever and ever!

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Conditioner

Okay so I won this and didn’t purchase it so I wont be buying for a couple of reasons. I really like Schwarzkopf products but this particular range I wasn’t a fan of. It just didn’t keep my hair conditioned for more than 24hrs. It was like I had never used the stuff. I also don’t like very heavily perfumed hair products and I wasn’t into the smell from this one. Won’t be buying. Soz.

Environ Rich Night Moisturiser

This is basically the only moisturiser I use and have been using for 3 years now. Sinks into the skin, makes it feel so damn healthy and has really helped with plumping up my dry skin. I’ve graduated from debut, to classic, to rich and now I’m going to buy ultra, will review it when I finish it up in my next empties.

Esse Gel Cleasner (sample)

This is the most generous sample of anything ever! The product itself is from a fab South African skincare brand called Esse that creates a wonderful natural skincare line. I was very impressed with this cleanser, it made my skin feel clean, refreshed in a fantastic minty way and it did not dry out my skin leaving it feeling all tight and shiz. I probably wont purchase a full size cleanser because my skin prefers milk cleansers to gel, however if you like natural skincare products I highly recommend you suss out this one.

Earthsap Pomegranate and Soy Shampoo 

Been buying this product for years now. I like it, I believe in it and I will repurchase it! If you want to find the 100 and 1 posts I’ve written about on this product just type Earthsap Pomegranate and Soy Shampoo in our search bar and you are bound to find those reviews.

Have a happy friday folks!



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