Sorbet Salon Skincare Product Review

Last year we attended the launch of the Sorbet Salon Skincare range at the Woodstock Exchange. We were treating to a fashion show with the new products walking down the catwalk and being introduced and explained to us. There were yummy snacks and cocktails, we left very happy! Big thanks to Sorbet for having us, and for the lovely goodie bags filled with their new products for us to try out.


What a great selection of products – we were pretty excited to dive right in and try them all out. Here are our thoughts…


I have been looking for a rich, really hydrating night cream for quite a while now. Over the last few months I’ve found a couple of creams that I don’t mind, but nothing that I LOVE. I tried out this baby, and my skin is pretty happy with me. My skin is staying hydrated for longer, and this means that I don’t need to use such a heavy moisturiser in the morning (bonus!). If you’ve got dry skin and you’re looking for a good night cream – this is it. – Jess


I’m rather enjoying this eye and lip serum. I’m not remembering to use it everyday, so I guess I end up using it once a week. It makes my skin feel great, but I can’t comment on any of the anti-aging effects just yet, give me some more time with this baby. – Jess

I really like this but only for my lips. On my eye area I found it a little too harsh and at 25, I have no signs of lines creeping around just yet. While I wouldn’t say it quite burnt, it just didn’t feel as comfortable as other eye cream I’ve used and loved. On the lips however, this stuff is brilliant. When rubbed in, it could be my imagination, but my lips felt more plump and nourished. It doesn’t leave any shine around and sinks in very quickly to the lips which makes it a really good base before applying lipstick. -Jodi


I ran out of my usual daily moisturiser so I tried out this product with full force. It’s pretty hydrating, maybe a tiny bit too hydrating for my skin in the morning… I prefer something a little less intense because I’m also putting on primer and BB cream on top of my moisturiser. I found I was using this on weekends and when I didn’t need to apply make-up. Great if you have very dry skin! And it’s SPF 15 – winning! – Jess

Jess and I have very different skin so sadly for me this really didn’t do much. For me, it went on a little tacky, took ages to sink in and was just a little meh. My skin tends to get dry spots, doesn’t have a specific type per se, and I’m also not one to shy away from anything that promises moisture but this felt seemingly average to me. For the price point, I’d definitely recommend something else. -Jodi

Weirdly enough – I prefer this to the Hydro Skin moisturizer above, it might be the scent, I’m not sure. I just like the way my skin feels after I use this, and I find that my make-up goes on quite nicely after this. I don’t have to wait for my skin to soak up all of the goodness. Again, I can’t comment on the anti-aging properties just yet, but this is a goodie! – Jess


In my opinion, this is the winner of the whole bunch. A decent dupe for Dermalogica’s cult Daily Microfoliant, and it’s R600 cheaper. Yes please. Salicylic acid clears pores and tames break outs, while rice powder gets rid of dead skin. It’s gentle but effective, my favourite skin combo. – Mich

I agree with everything Michelle said above. I also find that you have a lot of control with this product that you dont often have with exfoliators. On days where my skin is a little more sensitive, I can still use this by making my hands a little wetter. My only negative is that my nozzle gets clogged quite easily (easily solved with a toothpick) and at some point it stopped closing properly. -Jodi

If you’ve tried any of the new range, please let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.



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