January Favourites

Happy Monday folks! Here’s a round up of the products we’re currently obsessing over in this first month of 2015…

Jodi  Braun Silk Epil Epilator, R379 at takealot.com Last year Beth wrote about her de-fuzzing regime which reminded me about my epilator but it took up until December to brave using it again. This month I moved on to epilating my underarms, something I hadn’t done since buying my epilator back in 2008. The first time hurt like evil tiny beasts torturing my pits but with determination (and refusing to buy more razors) I was amazed at how quick it actually was and how incredibly soft my skin ended up being. I also only need to epilate once a week/week and a half instead of shaving every second day which is a big winner if you’re on the fuzzier side like me. WARNING: the first time will hurt like a mofo but I promise every time you use it thereafter it will hurt significantly less.

Jess Catrice Prime & Fine Anti Red Base


I am always red in the face, like always. And this little baby is really helping me. I wear BB cream everyday, and this really helps to completely eliminate any redness AND it works as a great primer, so my BB cream lasts even longer. DEFINITELY my product of the month. What makes it even better, is that you really only need a teeny tiny bit, so it’s going to last me a while. AND it’s only like R70. WINNING.  Totally buy this product if you’ve got a bit of redness like me, but you’re on a budget. This is worth it! You can get your hands on this baby at most Dischem stores.

I have the best mom ever, and she often gives me the sample gifts she gets when she buys her Estee Lauder products. In fact she’s probably the reason I’m such a skincare brat, since I’ve been stealing her Dermalogica/Estee Lauder/Lancome since day one. Thanks mumsy!
Anyhoo, she gave me her travel size Sumptuous Extreme mascara and I’ve been loving it this month. Usually I’m more than happy with my drugstore favourites, but for some reason my eyes have been very sensitive and watery lately and this is the only mascara that doesn’t drive them crazy. It’s also jet black, fills in the base of my lashes nice and thickly (so you can’t see the white of my lashes at all) and keeps them curled for hours. At R345 for the full size product this is definitely not a budget buy, but if you’re a fancy bitch (or your mom is and you can steal it) I’d highly recommend it.

Beth Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip – Riveria

I was very kindly given this beautiful peace of sparkly goodness by my awesome friends for my birthday this month and have been swooning over it ever since. Physicians Formula is on the pricier side of the drugstore so I have never really ventured into buying anything from there, however I have been very much wanting this since winter last year. If you’re looking for a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick dupe here is your answer. It blends, it’s pigmented and it lasts! I like a light dusting all over the face to make sure I resemble the sun from the teletubbies and then I pack it on with a denser brush as a highlighter. This particular brick claims to be a bronzer but I actually think it leans more to the side of a highlighter but it can be definitely be used as both! It’s casts a beautiful champagne/beige glow. Also all their stuff is hypoallergenic and fragrance free fyi.



Have a fab week,




  1. Great post x

    1. Thank you!!!!! x

  2. I have the Catrice Prime & Fine and have had to stop using it, it contains so much glitter that I literally look like a disco ball after I’ve applied it! Fine for a night out, but not for everyday – I’ve seen several people post it in their fav products and even someone whose product had more glitter in it than mine – it seems that each one is different!
    In other news, I love the look of the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip – do you know how it compares to the Bobby Brown or Revlon Shimmer bricks?

    1. That is so strange! Are you using the green colour corrector Prime & Fine or the regular one? I can safely say that there is NO glitter in my green colour correcting Prime & Fine. (thank goodness). I will have to give it a try and let you know. Hoping that they’re not all different though – need consistency!
      Beth will have to answer you about the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip :)

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