Adventures with Roaccutane (3)

So it’s been 4 months of taking 3 pills daily and I’m ready to end it all!

The last month and a half ha been just plain irritating, consistently cracked corners of my mouth (fokoff painful actually) and my lips have dried out permanently which means I almost always have flaking lips (sexah). The dryness has been somewhat manageable and red complexion isn’t as obvious, but I think I may have just gotten used to seeing a tomato in the mirror now. My skin is like an old persons, all thin and constantly with a scab somewhere. I just feel like it’s not healing when I do get cuts and scrapes.

I have 5 more weeks left of this. And March couldn’t come sooner! I miss wearing make-up, I really struggle to keep foundation from caking because of my dryness and the flaking is highlighted even more when I try to cover it.

Here’s a list of what I did or didn’t do for any of you who are about to or thinking of taking roaccutane…

What I didn’t do:

– Get drunk. I think my liver couldn’t have coped. I know of a couple of people who have on roacctuane, but this wasn’t a chance I was willing to take.

– Get my face burnt, or any long term sun exposure on my face.

– Take any supplements. Anymore dosage of vitamin A would have put too much pressure on my liver (so my dermo says).

– Exfoliate. My skin is just so sensitive it really could not stand any exfoliation. I even have put my body brushes away for now.

What I did do:

– Use an epilator. My dermo said I shouldn’t wax or use one because of skin sensitivity, basically it would hurt a whole lot more, but it actually didn’t hurt any more than usual so I continued to use one. My body skin seemed to be way tougher than my face.

– Had a few glasses of champagne and a shot of tequila on new years. Again my dermo said I could have a glass or two of wine so long as I didn’t over do it. Which I didn’t so I felt fine.

– Sun tan. Before anyone freaks out, I tanned just my legs mostly and back/chest. I used sunblock and I sat in the sun after 2pm. I didn’t get burnt and I didn’t feel any sensitively or any discomfort at all for that matter. I’m not too pale so the areas that hadn’t seen the sun in over 12 months or so didn’t get direct exposure so I think that’s why I my skin didn’t freak. I also want to say I tested my skin for a few weeks before I got in a cozzie and lay on a towel.

I think I’m going to do one more post on my roaccutane experience in a couple months to see if the results (no acne what so ever) have remained for good! Go check out my previous posts, 1 & 2, for more info on how I have been dealing since October.




  1. Thanks for writing up your Roaccutane journey. I am about to start it (in fact, I was at my dermatologist today). I’ve tried everything else under the sun!
    I can’t wait for the results.

    1. Best of luck to you Lungi! It has totally changed my skin for the best! Have not seen a single blemish since ending my treatment. You’re going to be thrilled by the end :)

  2. How have you been post Accutane, Beth? I am 36yo and have just started- 1 week in. I’m very nervous about what is to come!

    1. Hi Tess, that’s very exciting! I hope your side-effects are manageable and don’t get you down! I am thrilled with my results, have not seen a single blemish since completing my course in March :D I also was not expecting to have the texture of my skin change, but it has and it is incredibly soft with 100% clear skin 24/7. In my opinion it was absolutely worth the 6 months of dry lips and flaking skin. Best of luck with your treatment, the first few months are the most challenging but your skin will adapt :) Beth

  3. Just to give you some encouragement , I went on rouaccutane when I was 23 years old and am now. Gulp. 38 . Best thing I ever did. I had suffered from acne since I was 12 and my confidence had been terrible because of it. Yes those months on it are horrible. All that factor 50 in the Cape Town sun and then I drinking etc but I have never had a spot since. Only in the first weeks if both my pregnancies. My skin has been amazing for 15 years. I’m sure you will find the same x wendy

    1. Wow thanks for sharing your story with me Wendy :) I’m soooo happy to hear it was a positive experience and continues to be. Hopefully my results will be as long lasting as yours. Beth x

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