New MAC lippies!

Hello dearests

Hope you all had a romanties V-day!

A few weeks ago I had a MAC voucher (my favourite phrase ever), and Jodi and I headed off to Canal Walk to spend it. After many a swatch, I decided to go for two new lippies (no surprises there, I’m a lipstick addict). I love them both so much I had to show them off! Behold the loveliness…


MAC Lipstick in Crosswires (Cremesheen)

I’ve had my eye on this colour for ages now, ever since I heard it’s the colour that Joan Holloway wears on Mad Men. She’s my make-up icon, so obviously I had to have it. Colour-wise I would describe it as a retro-looking coral, not too bright with a good mix of orange and pink tones. I really love this with red hair, it’s a cool colour combination. It also really brightens up your face, so it’s perfect for days when your skin’s looking tired (ie hangover days). The formula is Cremesheen, which is usually not my vibe (retro matte forever <3), but it’s not so creamy that it slides all over your face. Being a MAC lipstick, the pigmentation is great which means that it lasts a long time especially considering it’s a cream formula. I do tend to use a lipliner tho, as non-matte lipsticks give me trust issues.


MAC Lipstick in Up the Amp (Amplified Creme)

I am currently going through a purple phase and have been obsessed with finding the perfect purple lipstick (I just want to look like I’m in a 90’s girl band ok?). I tried famous shades like Heroine, but they all looked magenta on me. Finally I stumbled across my soulmate, Up the Amp. The colour is perfectly in between bright purple and lilac, and it has enough blue in it that my lips don’t turn it magenta. It’s an Amplified Creme formula which means it’s creamy with intense colour pay-off. I like that it’s not super-glossy but very comfy to wear. It also hardly needs reapplying, and survived a mountain of curly fries much better than expected. I’m now in love and want to wear it to work every day.


All in all I’m really stoked with my new purchases and also happy to own some MAC lippies that aren’t red! Breaking out of my red matte comfort zone is fun :) Would love to know what colours you guys love, let us know in the comments and on twitter!

Love and lipstick addiction,





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