Rubybox Review

rubyboxHeyyyy baby (oh ah I wanna knoooooooooow if you’ll be my girl)

Ok sorry  got a bit carried away there. Done now.

The lovely people over at rubybox treated us to a sweet little box full of goodies for us to try out – we were happy girls! Here’s what we think about them:


Natural Lab SPF 30 Face Cream 10ml (Mich)

This product is meant to be a day cream and sunscreen in one. It’s received rave reviews on the Rubybox site, but I’m not really sure why. When looking for a facial sunscreen I’m looking for one main attraction, and that’s NON-GREASY. This one feels very heavy on my skin and I definitely feel greasy when wearing it. For now I’ll stick to my Boots Solei SPF50 from Clicks, which feels much lighter and has a higher SPF.

Rubybox Beauty Super Seamless Foundation Brush (Jess)

I’m going to start out by admitting that before this I never owned a foundation brush, I also didn’t see the need for one (my fingers do the job just fiiiine thanks). After using this baby, I’m never going back. For a first timer, like me, the brush was super easy to use, it’s like painting on your face – who doesn’t enjoy that? It also means I use less product when doing my face – WINNING.

Africology Body Butter (Beth)

This 25ml body body contains all the good stuff; Marula, African potato, Rooibos, Aloe vera and essential oils. Because of all these varying ingredients the body butter is heavily scented, but not in an uber sweet, overwhelming way. It almost smells quite clinical (which I like) yet does not linger on the skin. In terms of hydration, I have used more moisturising body butters before, but this is a pretty decent one. It is also pretty fast absorbing for how thick the product is and not sticky at all. I think it would make a great gift because of how luxurious it feels/smells but it’s not the best of the best in my opinion.

Mavala Cuticle Remover R74,95 (Jodi)

I’ve been looking for a good cuticle remover for a while and me being as cheap as I am just couldn’t justify near R200 on the Sally Hanson one when I have perfectly good cuticle trimmers. My expectations were not very high, I mean it’s cuticle remover, right? After using this for a few weeks I cannot miss this step out when I do my nails and sometimes when my hands are looking a little shabby I like to push my cuticles back and add a bit of this. It dissolves all of the grossness which means I don’t over clip my cuticles to the point of it tearing. I like to imagine it as an enzyme exfoliator for my finger tips and if they made this in a giant body version, I’d be keen.

Love and ruby boxes,







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  2. The body butter is one of our favs! Check out our review on it :)

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