February Favourites

February has rolled in and rolled out with a blink of the eye. Here’s what we’ve been loving for the month of Feb.

Mac Paint in Bamboom

After trying out Michelle’s Bamboom a year or so ago I have been wanting it ever since and when my birthday rolled around last month I was very generously gifted it! I looooove this product. It is essentially a cream eye shadow that sets quickly and stays put all day long. Bamboom is a soft sepia toned shadow with a slight frost finish. Because it is ever so slightly warm toned it really makes my grey eyes pop blue instead of green. And the colour is very subtle, nothing too intense so I love to smoke out my entire eyelid and under my eyes with this paint and then pack on a warm bronze shadow just on to my lid. Cream shadows are so much more easier to blend, I would love to own every single one of these beauts! – Beth


Colgate Pro Interdental

This is probably the least sexy thing you’ll see on Smudged (I will take this as a challenge) but since my last few weeks are filled with me mostly working on college shiz in my jammies and a lot of testing on new skin products which would not be fair to report back on yet.  The one thing that I’ve been loving been this fairly new toothpaste from Colgate. We saw many people advocating the Oral B toothpastes towards the end of last year with it’s super cool microbeads and as much as I liked it, I can’t justify spending R30+ on toothpaste. The Colgate Pro Interdental has tiny micro particles like the Oral B toothpastes that helps buff away gross things while leaving your mouth minty fresh. I like to think of it as an exfoliator for my teeth which excites me. – Jodi

(As Jodi’s roommate who steals her toothpaste, I have to agree. It’s so good guys! Jodi I will buy another tube ;) – Mich)

The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Scrub

lg_41957My heels are really gross at the moment and I’m not sure why. I was bemoaning this to Jodi and she immediately handed over her Body Shop foot scrub. Damn this shiz is good! It’s a super rough scrub that gets rid of every little bit of dead skin, and the peppermint leaves your feet feeling tingly and refreshed. Best. I’ve since bought the entire range, it’s just that good. – Mich

Batiste Dry Shampoo Orginal


It took me quite a while to think of my favourite for February. I was thinking about all the products that I use everyday, which one stood out for me this month….and then obviously my old hard-working favourite popped into my head. This is a product that I use at least 5 times a week, and I am never disappointed. I personally do not have the time to wash my hair every day, and in the morning my hair needs that quick and instant refreshment! For blondies, this also makes your roots appear a little lighter – winning. The reason this is my favourite for February is because I was away for two weekends this month and the dry shampoo saved my life! – Jess

What are your February favourites?

We’d love to know!




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