Lipidol Product Reviews

Hello lovelies!

Lipidol very kindly sent us some products to test out! If you aren’t already familiar with Lipidol they are a somewhat new brand spawned from the South African cult beauty product Bio-Oil. Their products are oil based, suitable for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic ( they don’t block pores). I love their stripped down approach to their branding and uniformity in their price range, R80 per product, but do their products do the brand justice? Read on for our reviews…


Cleansing Body Oil

This oil is meant to be used on wet skin in the shower/bath, after which the oil will emulsify and lather up. The whole idea with an oil-based cleanser is that oil removes oil, so this cleaning product washes off dirt without stripping the skin’s natural oily layer. So many oils in that sentence! It has a great citrus scent as a top note as well as that familiar bio-oil smell to it. It did a great job of cleaning without stripping, but as an oil I was expecting my skin to be more moisturised post-shower. I’m looking for a product that moisturises while in the shower so I can avoid the cold post shower cream-up. I would rate this product 8.5/10, it does its job well but not entirely what I need – Beth

Sunscreen Oil

I love a good oil sunscreen/tanning oil, so I was very excited when I got my hands on this baby. I hadn’t bought it before because I was waiting to finish my Piz Buin tanning oil (which I wrote about in my empties post here). This sunscreen oil is quickly absorbed into the skin, and doesn’t really leave the greasy residue that you imagine it will. It protected my skin well (although, that being said I’m used to SPF 5 or sometimes SPF 15). This baby is SPF 50 and although it looks like it has a blue tinge, this doesn’t show up when applying the product. This is more of a sunscreen oil than a tanning oil, so it hasn’t replaced my Piz Buin love. I’m enjoying this sunscreen oil at the moment, but the true test will be when I take it to Bali with me – watch this space! – Jess

Cleansing Face Oil

I’m a huge fan of double-cleansing at night. For those less high-maintenance than me, that means that I use an oil-based cleanser to remove make-up, and follow it up with a normal cleanser to get my skin nice and clean. This habit has definitely helped to curb my breakouts, so give it a try if you struggle. Anyhoo I was very excited to try this product! It contains a mix of oils like Argan, Sesame and Rosemary along with extracts from plants such as Rosemary, Aloe and Henna. Once you’ve massaged it into your skin, a splash of water will emulsify the formula and help you rinse it off. As Jodi pointed out too, this oil is particularly good at removing waterproof make-up, which is no easy feat. Overall this product does what it promises and doesn’t irritate my skin. I was devoted to my Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil, but at half the price I’d be happy to switch over to Lipidol. -Michelle

Overnight Facial Oil

Like Michelle, I’m a devout oil user. After a few years of battling with dry skin the only thing that helps me is to use an oil every night. The beautifully packaged Lipidol Overnight Facial Oil is a great entry level oil if you’re thinking about making the switch over. It is loaded with really amazing ingredients such as rosehip oil, pomegranate oil, frankincense, black pepper oil and ylang ylang- all great for nourishing whilst having anti-aging properties. The rosehip helps battle scarring, evens tone and nourishes (I also find it helps with preventing spots) while the pomegranate oil reinvigorates, fights free radicals and acts as an anti-inflammatory. After cleansing I use a small amount warmed between my hands and gentle press it into my skin, on drier days I use this in the day too if I’m staying home. Overall this is a very gentle facial oil that does what it says on the tin and if you are looking at making a skincare switch to oils or are a little intrigued by it, this one is perfect to start off with. The bottle will also last you ages since you only need a few drops. -Jodi

If you’ve tried any of the Lipidol range please let us know how you’ve gotten on with them and if you have any favourites.




*Disclaimer: Please note that while these products were very kindly sent to us, we are not affiliated with the brand nor is this post sponsored. All opinions are our own. 



  1. Hi,

    Where can I buy lipidol products. Tried so many clicks stores. Nobody has it.

    1. Unfortunately Lipidol has pulled out of the country for now. I spoke to the PR company, they will be back bigger and better soon :)

  2. Hi all, I am desperately looking for alternative retailers for the Lipidol range. Click doesn’t sell it anymore and I would hate to lose the range. I absolutely love it. Please, can anyone help?

    1. Hi – Let me ask one of the PR companies and see if they know where you can get it :)

    2. Hi Klara – unfortunately I don’t have good news :( Lipidol have decided to exit South Africa while they work on new products. I’ve been assured that Lipidol will back, bigger and better soon!

      1. Thank you, Jess, I just got that same message from Union Swiss. I wish they gave us a heads up, my cleanser and SPF is running dangerously low! But looking forward to the range and hope it stays as affordable!

      2. No problem :) Yeah – wish I had known so that I could stock up!

  3. Aryl Kimmel · · Reply

    I have just started using lioidol, I have used alot of diffèrent produc.I have discoloration on my face from too much sun and some precancer spots.I am amazed how well it works

    1. So glad that you’ve been experiencing good results!

  4. […] been a while since I’ve posted about Lipidol on Smudged, you can see the first post about the Lipidol products here. I recently came across my Lipidol After Shower Oil in my dressing table top drawer and thought I […]

  5. Although I absolutely love the packaging I sustained a chemical burn in my eye due to the Make up remover – it was a horrific experience over two days that I never want to experience again.

    1. that sounds so awful! sorry to hear that :( I didn’t even know they had a make-up remover oil?

  6. Great post! I’m loving Lipidol products too! So so good for the price.

    1. Awesome! Really well priced :)

  7. where can we buy lipidol products?

    1. Hi Rosemary, you can buy Lipidol products from any Clicks x

  8. Never try but keen to know the products.

  9. I’ve used the after shower oil, was a bit skeptic, thought it would be oily, but it was great especially on the feet area for those sandal days as sometimes my moisturizer does not do the job. Thanks for the review will definitely be trying other in the range.

    1. I also LOVE the after shower oil – probably my favourite!

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