Smitten Review

Hi everyone, Here’s a ‘lil review of a new purchase I made the other day. The lovely ladies over at All Dolled Up really dig this product and I had some money on a voucher so I decided to treat ma self. So what’s a smitten you say? It’s a cleansing mitten designed to be used just with some water to remove make-up and other oil and dirt that gunks up your face. It can also be used with a cleanser but I mainly purchased mine so I wouldn’t need to. I can go through cotton pads and face wipes galore as I usually predominately use those to remove about 85% of my make-up and then I use a heavy duty make-up remover like my Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye make-up remover. I find using a Smitten to be way more cost effective, since it is reusable and is fantastic for traveling, just remember to take a zip lock bag with as it will be wet obviously. Something I didn’t think of before *facepalm* The convenience factors won me over immediately.

smitten To use you simply place your hand in and wet with warm water. Squeeze any excess out and wipe away! Does it work – absolutely. Apparently it’s the microfibres in the cloth that help the nasties adhere to it. I guess it works like those special screen cloths, yes you can use your t-shirt but a microfibre cloth makes a huge difference. So yes you can easily use a regular cotton face cloth but a Smitten seems to do the job twice as effectively, twice as fast and with way less rubbing and pulling. To clean your Smitten just wash with any mild soap and leave to air dry. To sum up…

Packaging   5/10

Pretty average HOWEVER I appreciate that money from a new business is going into the product itself and not into fancy pancy packaging. Also remember that zip lock bag that you should take with you for when you travel. Keep the zip lock packaging that it comes in. Just remove the product description!

Texture   8/10

The texture is pretty soft, although there is a baby version which I imagine to be even softer. You can feel the fibres gently tug on your face when you run it over your skin. Kinda like a super soft cat tongue >_<

Application  10 /10

Soooooooooooo easy. Finally an effortless beauty product!

Result  9/10

Does what is says. Removes my make-up as any other wipe or cotton pad with product on it would. Awesomesauce.

Overall   8/10

I am very smitten with my Smitten! I picked mine up at Wellness Warehouse for R99.99. Check out Smitten’s website for more retailers.

Catch you next time,




  1. […] written about my Smitten before during this month but because I am lovvvvvvving it, so it’s no surprise I’m […]

  2. I also recently got my hands on a Smitten and I’m obsessed! Such a handy little guy… I’m always amazed at how well it removes makeup! I’ve just stumbled upon your lovely blog and am really enjoying it so far! Wondering how on earth I didn’t know about Smudged sooner!

    1. It is very handy indeed! Glad products like these are making their way to our shores finally :)
      Aaaawe thanks so much for the kind words Chereen, your blog is pretty amazing too! x

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