Latest Empties

I rounded up some recently finished products, and here’s what I’ve got to say about them…


Alpha Gentian Violet 

Can’t live without the stuff, it’s more important to me than toothpaste. I specifically use this brand only as the cap has a nozzle and it’s easy to drop the liquid this way. I don’t even know why other brands sell it with a flat cap, this stuff stains like a bitch. Goes without saying I will be buying again.

Environ Sebuwash

Back in the day an esthetician recommended me this gel cleanser for my oily t-zone. Since being on roaccutane I am dry dry dry and have switched to milk and oil cleansers. I don’t think I’ll ever buy this product again as I much prefer milk/oil cleansers now.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Lip Protectant Stick

I was very graciously gifted this product so I didn’t feel too bad burning through it. It was really good, just like the 8 hour ointment but I don’t think it is worth the price tag. It was lovely and moisturizing but not the very best of the best in the lip balm department. Wont be buying.

Tresemme Oil Elixer

I had to use the box for this post because I accidentally smashed the glass bottle for this product. I did a review on this stuff a while ago so go check it out if you’re looking for a reasonably priced hair oil. Will pick this up sometime.

Simply Bee Lip Balm Stick

Lots of lip products coming up because my mouth is cracking and peeling like a mofo from, as you guessed it, the roaccutane I’m currently taking. I really liked this lip balm! It was one of the only lip products I have that contained 100% natural ingredients exclusively. It got used up very quickly, but I don’t mind because it is pretty reasonably priced. If you’re concerned about ingesting bad things try this range, they’re a lovely brand.

Piz Buin Sun Lipstick

Don’t be fooled by the title, this is an SPF 30 lip balm that is colourless. It has a beautiful scent, milky coconuts mmmm, and is that perfect beach lip product in that it coats your lips with a thick layer. This is my most favourite lip balm I’ve ever used, it’s seriously HG and I mighhhhht buy it again if my pockets are feeling particularly loaded but it’s not cheap and right now I have a mountain of other lip balms.

Have a great week guys,



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