March Favourites

Hey baaaabes.

How on earth are we in April already? It’s like time is moving forward chronologically or something?! Anyway, here are our favourite products for last month (yes we know we’re a little late with this, deal with it).

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Checkmate

original_CWWith my weak nails, there are only really three options for me: very nail bare nails, gelish, or an awesome nail color that works well with super short nails and looks good at work. I found that Checkmate from Revlon’s Colorstay Gel Envy range is just perfect for my short nails. It’s opaque enough for me (I am always so disappointed when I buy a nail polish and it looks opaque in the bottle but is actually totally transparent). Really loving this colour for Autumn. – Jess



I’ve written about my Smitten before during this month but because I am lovvvvvvving it, so it’s no surprise I’m making it my March favourite this month. It’s pretty much replaced all of my make-up removal products and I’m pretty sure I wont be replacing face wipes anytime soon. It’s also fab for removing a full nights worth of make-up quickly when all you want are your heels and make-up off quickly. – Beth

 Sorbet Smoothing Body Scrub


Who doesn’t want baby-smooth skin? Well, maybe people who already have baby-smooth skin (damn you). But I for one am always a fan of a scrub that smells nice, makes me excited to use it in the shower, and leaves my skin silky smooth. This one is a winner and does all three! I’m really enjoying this product, which I bought on a whim in my latest Clicks haul (oops, sorry bank balance). – Jess

Tell us what your #marchfavourites are on Instagram, Twitter or just leave us a comment below!

Love, eyeliner and silky-smooth skin!




  1. My March favorite was a Kardashian Kollection pencil eyeliner. Never in a million years would have bought it but it was by chance stuttaford was selling them out at 75% off. But must say, I’m impressed. Barely smudges and is Lin wearing.

    1. Long wearing *typo

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