Travel Buddies Vol I

Hey baby hey baby hey. (Yes I may have that song stuck in my head, now you do too!)

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, especially after some of my rather interesting business trips into deepest darkest Africa.*

*ok that’s a bit of a lie, more like business trips to pretty fancy hotels in DRC, and during these trips I hardly leave the hotel. But there has been one trip to the middle of nowhere in Zambia where I didn’t have hot water for 7 days, but more on that later.

I’ve noticed on my trips that there are certain products I cannot live without (some of which totally surprised me). When I’m travelling for business it’s for conferences and events, so I’m on my feet all day, running around dealing with clients so I still have to look good (well at least try to look good). This is Vol I because I’ve got so many of these little travel favourites I’m going to turn it into a series!

1. Foot Spray


Oh my FUCK. After being on your feet, running out, dealing with clients, ALL DAY, in heels, foot spray becomes a life saver. I will never travel without it again. On my last trip to DRC my colleague (and friend, and room mate at the time) lent me her foot spray and it was AMAZING. She had The Body Shop Peppermint foot spray, which I highly recommend.

2. Face mist


Whether you’re in Zambia or DRC (or Bali – I’ll be there in a few days!) it’s hot. Like HOT hot. And if you’re traveling for work you can’t just take a few hours off to cool down in the pool. Face mist is a must have! Both options above will do the trick. LUSH’s Breath of Fresh Air is great, and then there’s Eau Thermale Avene’s spring water (now available in SA – thanks Clicks!)

3. Sun cream


Ok, this is an obvious one and I’m not going to get too much into it. It’s important. Michelle would not be impressed if I didn’t include this in my list. Remember to take your sunscreen kids! I’m loving Nivea’s Age Defense Moisturising Facial Sunscreen lotion. I wrote about it here.

Ok so we’ve got the foot spray, the face mist and some sunscreen as Vol I of the travel essentials. What’s on your list of essential products when traveling?

Love, adventures and gin!




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  2. I haven’t heard that song in years.. And now it’s stuck in my head too haha

    1. once its in there its there to stay! haha

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