April Favourites

Hey you! Amazingly, it’s that time of the month where we talk about our favourites. These can be old faithful products that are making a bit of a comeback for us, brand new babies that we’ve just got our hands on or something we just picked up in Clicks a while ago and now we’re loving. Indola Color Silver Shampoo indola silver shampoo Ok – I know I wrote about this is November, but I kinda forgot about this shampoo for a while. Last week, after spotting it in the shower, I thought I’d get back into it and WOW I had forgotten what a difference it makes. Really gets the brass out of the “fake” blonde hair. I’m back to using this every time I wash my hair. -Jess Sorbet Nourish Nail Polish Remover green Picked up this baby during a recent Clicks haul, partly because I’d run out of nail polish remover and partly because HEY LOOK ITS A PUMP LIKE THE SALONS HAVE! Yes, I was totally sold by the gimmick but I do really think it makes it easier, I now don’t spill nail polish remover all over myself and it’s acetone free! Winning! – Jess The Body Shop Sink-In Moisture Mask lg_42924 I was looking of a super moisturising mask that I could use over night and I have found the perfect one from The Body Shop. Although it recommends that you wipe off the mask after 15 mins I leave mine on for the whole night *rebel*. I love it’s gel texture and a little goes a very long way. The only thing I’m not so keen on is the fact that it comes in a jar thus exposing the good stuff to light and air which in turn ruins it. Basically it is super hydrating and keeps the surface later of my skin moist for hours. And it has that yummy rosy smell from The BS Vit E range – Beth Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curler b_40cf6c07e81cedce2e3a768eaebfafbb1034-R_Classic_Lash_Curler I love this thing. I can’t put mascara on without curling my lashes first. It really really helps keeps my lashes curled and combined with a waterproof mascara your lashes aren’t coming down anytime soon. It’s a good quality curler without breaking the bank. I picked mine up at Wellness Warehouse. Essence Get Big Lashes! Mascara I picked this up towards the end of last year and used it once or twice but I didn’t get on with it at first. More recently, I’ve had a few hours I’d need to be out here and then, and the effort of removing a waterproof mascara just hasn’t seemed worth it to me. This Essence one has dried out a bit (which is always best in my books) does everything it says on the tin. It curls, lengthens and volumizes my lashes and is effortless to remove especially since I’m a layering kinda gal. The best R35 you can spend on a quick buy. –Jodi Let us know which products you’re loving this month! Love, red lips and gin! Smudged_logo



  1. Love it! I desperately need to but a new set of eyelash curlers and I might just check these ones out! I am so guilty of just assuming the cheap ones will work the same but they certainly don’t!

  2. I’ve heard so much good about The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range, I might have to try it soon! I’m not too big a fan of the smell, though :(
    Doesn’t it get all over your sheets if you sleep with it? :)


    1. Ah too bad about the smell, it is pretty distinct! I personally have no issues with the product rubbing onto my sheets. Although it says it is a mask, it is not thick at all and if I apply 2 hours before my head hits the sack it is pretty much all absorbed by then :)

      1. Oh, I didn’t know it’d absorb into the skin, I thought it left a layer on the skin. Thank you for answering ;)

  3. I always enjoy these monthly favourite posts, I definitely want to try the Body Shop face mask and the Essence mascara now. Great post!


    1. Thanks Lauren, let us know if you enjoy them as much as we do! x

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