Winter Wear 2015

Hey kids,

Here’s a lil winter wear inspo post for this chilly friday afternoon. I rate the only good thing about the change in season is the change in fashion and the opportunity presented to spruce yourself up on these gloomy days. Here’s what I’m digging at the mo…

*apologies for the skinny, ombred bitches. Apparently Pintrest doesn’t recognize any other female atheistic or standard.

camo-jasCamo Jackets

I wish we had second hand army surplus stores in SA! I’d buy it all – the boots, pants, jackets, the lot! But for now a camo jacket from P’nP clothing is sufficing. I lurv to wear mine with black boots, black ripped jeans and a black sweat shirt. All black everything naturally. However looking at these inspo pics I’m really digging a camo jacket with stripes!


Parkas with faux fur covered hoods

I really like the look of a large hood. I feel like it balances out my freakishly small head on my broad shoulders. I also feel like a Stark (GOT reference btw) with all the faux fur when out battling the winds on CT’s streets. I’m really really also digging the army green/baby poop colour that’s been making the rounds atm. Oh how my tastes have changed. The fluffy stuff also keeps me the warmest out of all my jackets and coats.


Long cardigans

I love the witchy look. Long sweeping capes and floor touching maxi dresses. Now I’m into long cardis this winter. Looks pretty dope with a knee length dress and skirt too, but it’s winter now and that shit wont fly for another few months. I also enjoy over-sized clothing in winter so this informal slouchy cardigan look is right up my ally.


Plaid/Flannel shirt and maroon beanie

I have yet to find the perfect plaid but I’ve got my burgundy beanie that I enjoy wearing on days I don’t want my greasy roots showing. I think the best lumberjack flannel would be found in the mens section don’t you think? Anyone have recommendations for where to find the perfect plaid shirt for this winter?

Keep warms peeps,




  1. […] Beth’s Winter Wear post (which I wanted EVERYTHING) she spoke about long jerseys, camo jackets, beanies and all things […]

  2. love it bethi – totes stealing your look this winter!

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