Best of Drugstore Make-up Brands Part 1

Hello everyone,

Hope you are keeping nice and snug on this very wintery day. And if you can’t be snug, I hope something is doing a fab job at keeping you distracted from the cold. Speaking of distractions, here’s one for you right now…

drugstore-makeup Drugstore make-up. What is a drugstore to begin with? Well my fellow South Africans it sure isn’t what the name suggests. When I say drugstore what I’m really talking about are pharmacies that stock make-up such as the likes of a DisChem or Clicks. I’ve tried to break down the best offerings from each drugstore brand and this is what I got so far for part 1 of this series…

Max Factor:

Great for:

Mascara! Really they have some of the best formulas and wands. See specifically 2000 Calorie & False Lash Effect.


Great for:

Eye shadow. The drugstore has never really produced eye shadows that have matched high end quality however L’oreal has some great quality dupes. I find this brand to be a bit too expensive for frivolous purchases from the drugstore, however their eye shadows I feel are worth it that price range. Also their True Match foundation is supposed to be the bees knees.


Great for:

Nail polishes. I think some of their polishes kick high end polish’s asses.


Great for:

Hypoallergenic make-up. Peeps with sensitive skin and eyes should take a look at their range. Specifically their mascaras which have an incredible formula. All lovely and thick.


Great for:

It’s no secret that Maybelline has one of the widest and most reliable range of mascaras. I particularly am fond of their Colossal range of mascaras, specifically the 100% black one.

Brands you really can’t go wrong with: NYX, Catrice, LA Girl, Bourjois. Especially Catrice, I love everything I have picked up from them. And NYX is the all round queen of the drugstore. What make-up products have you been really, really, ridiculously impressed with from the drugstore?

Happy shopping,



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