May Favourites

May came and went (HOW ON EARTH ARE WE ALREADY IN JUNE?) and this is what we were loving last month…

nivea soft

Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Creme with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E

So after two amazing weeks in Bali in the sun and in the sea my skin was DRY. My usual Nivea Happy Time body moisturiser just wasn’t cutting it. I had to find something new. I picked up this baby from Clicks before my trip but I had forgotten about it. I’m always suprised by how quickly this gets absorbed into my skin and how soft my skin feels afterwards. The scent isn’t too overwhelming either, so that makes me happy. My skin also isn’t left feeling super oily and gross. Winning. I can’t remember how much I paid for this, but I think it was around R40 – totally worth it in my opinion. Definitely my favourite this month. – Jess

Johnson's face cleansing wipes

Johnson’s Daily Essentials Face Cleansing Wipes

These were a life-saver in Bali! Really helped to get rid of the excess saltiness from swimming in the sea which somehow seems to be even saltier there, and to just feel a little fresher (since we were always so sweaty!). These are super useful and at around R40, totally within budget. I always like to keep a packet of these around, but they totally reminded me how useful they really are over the last month. – Jess




Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo

I’m sooooo happy with Clicks right now. They really have been good with bringing in brands from overseas that the people actually want! And this person wants a blonding shampoo that doesn’t break the bank. Clicks stocks most of, if not all, of the Provoke range and so far I have tried just the brightening shampoo and have been mighty impressed. It really does brighten any highlighted parts of my hair. Although I could do with it making my hair look a bit more ashy I am super impressed with how much lighter my locks are after using this shampoo. Hurray for a silver shampoo that you don’t have to buy from the salon :D – Beth


The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist

This is my old faithful. I alternate between the original vanilla mist and the Madagascan vanilla bean mist from TBS’s vanilla range and together the two bottles have lasted me years! I love a good vanilla scent and this is the most vanillary of all vanilla scents without getting too sickly sweet and cheap smelling. I also can go to town with the scent because it is a mist so the hoods of my coats usually smell quite strongly of this scent as I spray from the top of my head and let it fall down down down. I get the most amount of “you smell yummy” compliments from this stuff :) – (

So what did you love last month? Anything we should investigate? Let us know!



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  1. […] my trusty facewipes. I especially like these ones from Johnson’s, which I mentioned in the May Favourites post. They’re like R40 from Clicks and they will save your […]

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