Yardley Stayfast and Defy Time Foundation Reviews

Yardley is producing some mighty fine products lately! I tested out 4 of their products, two foundations and two lipsticks and today I’m sharing my review on the foundations :)


Yardley Stayfast Foundation in Natural 35ml

I was a little apprehensive about this foundation. It’s thick and full coverage so I my immediate thought was “cake face coming right up”, but I am pretty blown away by this number.


  • lasts up to 24hrs
  • full coverage
  • contains moisturising Amino Acids
  • SPF 20
  • available in 16 shades

Packaging 8/10

It’s not a glass bottle so already I favour it! And the squeezy tube makes it super easy to control the amount you want. In terms of looks, it’s very drugstorey, but I don’t mind if that fact cuts the price down.

Pigmentation 8.5/10

It’s a full coverage foundation so it is pretty pigmented. What I like most about this foundation is how full it is without being cakey or too matte and I’m a dry gurl so cakey is what I try to avoid at all costs. It comes in a whopping 16 shades and that’s pretty rad for drugstore if you ask me!

Longevity   8/10

It really really lasted for me so I guess it really is stayfast! I would recommend this foundation to peeps who get frustrated when their foundation/BB cream is gone by 2pm. I also think this would be a fabulous foundation for summer when you tend to melt a bit, or even for a night out dancing and you need your base to last!

Application   8.5/10

Very easy to blend for such a thick foundation. I thought I would hate this one, but it looks natural on the skin and no cakage through out the day. I used my Real Techniques buffing brush with easy.

Overall    8/10

Maybe I haven’t bought a drugstore foundation in such a long time that I missed the part where Yarldey foundations are the frickin bomb. This particular one is cheap, it’s under R100 and the same price as my BB cream, and ticks all the boxes. Really impressed!


Yardley Defy Time Foundation in Medium Beige top, Yardley Stayfast Foundation in Natural bottom


Yardley Stayfast Foundation in Natural left, Yardley Defy Time Foundation in Medium Beige right

Yardley Defy Time Foundation in Medium Beige 30ml


  • lasts up to 24hrs
  • medium coverage
  • enriched with Idealift to fight signs of aging (wtf is that even?)
  • SPF 20

Packaging   6.5/10

It comes in a glass bottle, but with a pump dispenser so at least that makes it easier to get the amount you need. Not so lekker for travelling. I found it quite difficult to find where the shade name was as it wasn’t under the bottle or on the back label. But that’s no biggy.

Pigmentation 8/10

It’s nicely pigmented for a medium coverage foundation. It didn’t get patchy and the colour did not oxidize as the day wore on. Medium beige is pretty fair but matches me perfectly during the day. I would have to warm it up a tad if I wore it in the evening.

Longevity  8.5 /10

I struggle with my make-up being sucked up into my hungry skin but I really didn’t have much trouble with this one. And if you added a pressed power on top it’s sure to last a few hours longer. This foundation lasted a full day on my face with ease.

Application  8/10

Being a liquid it was nice and easy to blend into the skin. Doesn’t cakey, looks really natural and gives a satin finnish. What’s not to like?

Overall  7.5/10

I would say this is definitely one of the better drugstore foundations and could even rival ones triple it’s price!

Stay tuned for the Yardley Stayfast lipstick review coming up tomorrow on Smudged!




  1. belinda · · Reply

    i just love the stayfast foundation . been using it for a week now with no problems. coverage is excellent even with my oily skin. Using it with the yardley primer .

  2. […] to see if I can get away with wearing this one this summer because when I did try this one out for a post and I remember really liking the finnish of it. It’s full coverage and highly pigmented so […]

  3. Clanisha · · Reply

    I used Yardley stay fast in tawny and I was always orange at the end of the day

    1. Sorry to hear that! That sucks!!!

  4. Hey, love Yardley♥ how much is the second one?

    1. I’ve just been to clicks and the second one (bottle) is R149.99 x

  5. […] with the foundations Yardley sent us I also checked out their Stayfast lipstick range in the colours Watermelon and […]

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