Yardley Stayfast Lipstick Review

Happy happy Friyay!

Along with the foundations Yardley sent us I also checked out their Stayfast lipstick range in the colours Watermelon and Pink!


Packaging   7/10

The lipsticks come in a long, wind-up bullet which I quite like actually as it’s easier to apply with a thinner head than the standard lipstick.

Pigmentation 7.5/10

Pigmented, especially Pink. Watermelon, a beautiful peachy/coral colour has a frost finnish but barely. As you can see in the photo below, you really can’t tell that it does. And like I said, Pink (aptly named) is bright and true to the colour you see on the the stick. It’s a a stunning cool pink. I love mixing it with a red to make a my reds look more pinky. The finnish it satin and not matte for both lippies.

Longevity  7 /10

Although I did not eat anything while wearing these lipsticks they did hold up pretty well for a lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are by far my favourite formula for longevity.

Application   7/10

Easy peasy. I do about 2-3 coats for maximum colour payoff because I like overstated lips.

Overall   7/10

I wish I could give you guys an amount for how much you will be paying for a Stayfast lipstick, but it will be in the drugstore range. They’re lovely colours, I love the Pink and Jess loves the Spiced Raisin. I think they are lovely quality, kudos to Yardley :)


Yardley Stayfast lipstick in Watermelon (top) and Pink (bottom)

Have a lovely weekend peeps!




  1. I love the Watermelon one.. It looks really good on you!


    1. Thank you, it’s a great colour <3

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