Sally Hansen Velvet Texture & Luxe Lace Nail Polish Releases

Sally Hansen has a new range of textured polishes! Today I’ll talk you through the new Velvet Texture and Luxe Lace polishes out on the shelves.



Velveteen, Lavish & Crushed

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture

Packaging   8/10

Cute little matte laminate label to distinguish the finish, with the standard Sally Hansen long brush.

Pigmentation 7.5/10

The black is by far the most pigmented with little to no streaking, the red is harder to work with as it’s a bit streaky.

Longevity   6/10

I find matte finnish polishes to last a little longer than regular polishes, but these did chip after about 2 days of wear. I’d really don’t mind as I usually want polish to come off after 48hrs, and although touch ups are relatives easy to fix, I still was surprised to find chipping so early on for a matte finnish polish.

Application   6.5/10

So the instructions say to apply one thin coat, let it dry completely, then apply a second coat. You definitely can see a velvet texture the less coats you do, however I need my polishes have 0% streakiness so I did about 3 layers and that results in less texture.

Overall    7/10

I love matte nail polishes. I especially love dark matte polishes so I’m very happy to own these guys. Do I think they have a velvet texture, mmmmh yeah I guess so, but it’s so subtle I don’t think it’s much of a novelty. Overall they are very pretty, especially the colour lavish, it’s the perfect merlot winter red.



Eyelet, Crochet & Ruffle

Sally Hansen Luxe Lace

Packaging   6.5/10

Same as the Velvet texture range, the Luxe Lace has a long neck with standard SH brush.

Pigmentation 6.5/10

I don’t know about these ones. They are very similar to Sally Hansen’s previous splatter range, they are cool for layering over a polish and perfect for nail art, but alone they kinda looks like you were outside spray painting and not much like lace. I see where the lace thing comes in, but it’s a stretch.

Longevity   8.5/10

They are super long lasting because of all the texture, I like them best on my toenails or as an accent nail.

Application   7/10

They are textured so they last long, but take forever to dry. Thin coats are a must for the gel-like formula.

Overall    6.5/10

Have you picked up some exciting nail polishes recently? And when is someone going to make matte nude ones!?

Have a great Tuesday,




  1. […] with the perfect lip colour, here is your perfect nail colour! We were recently sent this velvet range from Sally Hansen and I must say I am besotted with the colour Lavish. It’s a matte, […]

  2. I have the eyelet polish, but I think the ruffle one looks more like lace than the other two. I’m not sure I’d call them “lace”, maybe just “splatter”. But I still think they’re pretty!

    1. Eyelet is my favourite! Not sure about the lace either, but it makes for cute names that’s for sure :)

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