Keeping warm & looking hot

Hey guuuys.

The weather in Cape Town is beautiful today, the sun is out and I’ve even taken off my huge jersey. But don’t let this sunshine deceive you, as soon as the sun is gone it is absolutely freezing and I still think we have some cold winter days ahead of us. Because of this, I wanted to help you look hot while keeping warm. I find that every winter I struggle; I’ve forgotten how to dress warmly, I wonder how on earth I managed last winter and what outfits I threw together. It’s like every year I’m learning again how to dress for winter. Look, I know that it’s super easy when you don’t have to leave the house. My Pick n Pay tracksuit pants and I have a great relationship, but they’re not exactly office appropriate. Here are my tips to keep warm, be office appropriate and still look hot:

1. Tights are your friend.

If I’ve learnt one thing from my friend Katie, it’s that tights are your friend. You can get thick woolly ones, normal opaque ones, whichever tickle your fancy. Pair them with a dress and a thick jersey and you’re ready to go! You can even throw on a scarf if its extra cold! You can pair your tights with a casual summer dress, or a smarter more wintery one (depending on how formal your office is)

Collage tights


2. Liquid leggings are winners

I mean really, how amazing do these look? I love how smart you can make them, especially for the office. These are number 1 on my shopping list at the moment because I wore my previous pair to death!

Collage leggings


In Beth’s Winter Wear post (which I wanted EVERYTHING) she spoke about long jerseys, camo jackets, beanies and all things wintery and lovely. My key to staying warm in winter is to layer everything. I always find I’m absolutely freezing.

Collage layer


How do you keep warm while looking hot in winter?

Love, beanies and boots!



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