Travel Buddies Vol II

Hey lovely people.

I hope that you’re dominating your Thursday with a strong cup of coffee and some red lipstick. (or a fresh mani from Sorbet who currently have 20% off all nail treatments – I was there last night!)

A while ago I wrote this post Travel Buddies VOL I, taking about the products that are essential when you travel. Today I’m back, talking about travel (and daydreaming a bit about how I wish I was on some tropical island right now. Here is VOL II of your travel buddies:

1. Face wipes

Johnson's face cleansing wipes

I mentioned in my previous travel buddies post how I was in Zambia for 7 days in the middle of nowhere with no hot water. It was not ideal. I wish I had some face wipes with me. For this reason (and many others) I don’t travel ANYWHERE without my trusty facewipes. I especially like these ones from Johnson’s, which I mentioned in the May Favourites post. They’re like R40 from Clicks and they will save your life.

2. Water-less hand sanitizer


Never question this. You will always always always need some of this, no matter where you are in the world. I permanently have some of this in my handbag just in case. It’s a lifesaving product. Just trust me. I quite like the ones from the Oh So Heavenly range – exclusive to Clicks, especially the coconut one which I recently discovered. Loving the tropical scent.

3. After Sun

nivea after sun

If you’re going somewhere sunny, and you’re going to be outside enjoying your life you will need after sun. Trust me. There will be a point where you forget to put sun screen somewhere, and you will be upset, and hurting. I took this Nivea After Sun with me to Bali and I was very impressed at how quickly it absorbed and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily!

What products can you just not travel without?

Let us know!

Love, fresh manis & cocktails!




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