Instagram Round-up I

Hey guys.

Hope you’re dominating today!

We’ve had a Smudged Instagram account for a while, and we’re loving following some of you guys, checking out what you’re doing (that sounds creepier than I meant it to be) and sharing some make-up inspo (and lots of other stuff) with you. Sidenote – if you’re not following us already check us out @smudgedbeauty and leave us a comment so we can follow you too!

I thought we’d start doing some Instagram round-ups so we can give you a little more info about what’s going on with all of us. So here’s the first one, lets try this out.

Collage insta

1. Beth wearing Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipstick in the shade ‘Let’s get Naked’. Beth reviewed these babies here.

2. We’re all about the contouring. Yes please.

3. New from Rimmel – Provocalips which we reviewed here.

4. Yay – a new branch of Sorbet opened in Kenilworth a while ago at the Pam Golding on Main building and we were at the opening! Thanks Sorbet for the champers and cupcakes!

5.  At the Sorbet opening we all got our nails done, and ALL with shades from Morgan Taylor. #winning.

6. Yeah, that’s me (Jess) looking super relaxed getting my nails done with Morgan Taylor’s ‘Sweater Weather’

7. Look at that cake!

8. The make-up that was on my face on Sunday.

9. All about those eyebrows. New products I bought from Essence to keep my eyebrow game strong.

And that’s a wrap!

Let us know what you think and if we should keep going with our Instagram round-ups.

Love, eyebrows on fleek and red lipstick.



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